My Antonio Realli Fashions for Fashion Royalty

FDQ recently published my interview with dress designer, Antonio Realli of Brazil. Now I can show off the fashions that I showcased in that interview and a few more I've recently added.
My 12" dolls are definitely getting a wonderful fashion infusion.

Adele. Franklin Mint pearls.
 Below left is Elise and on the right, another Elise. Fashion Royalty shoes.

 Below on the left is yet another Elise and on the right is Vanessa. Fashion Royalty shoes.

Elise yet again. Added fur and FR hat.
Natalia. Added Jewelry.

In every case, the seams are finished beautifully. The zippers are set in properly and work smoothly. There's not a stray thread hanging anywhere. Lest I forget, the fit is excellent. All the dolls shown have the FR2 body.

Of all the fashions I show above, the first and the last are my favorites for now. I will certainly be adding more this year.

His Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/toni.ritti.79
Website: http://www.antoniorealli.com/


  1. Love how Natalia looks here!

  2. Gorgeous fashions! I look forward to reading your article. As always your picture are perfection.

  3. These looks blow me away. I'll definitely have to check out the designer, because my dolls would love to wear these outfits.