Jamieshow Mel Odom's "Poised for Success" Zita Charles

After a few days of being trapped enroute due to a major blizzard, Zita finally arrived.

Zita is dressed in a stunning deep royal blue suit with a wide satin collar and cuffs in ivory. She's wearing a white blouse, blue and white pumps and a large dark blue tulle trimmed hat.

Unfortunately, the blouse was a design mistake. It's ill-fitting and looks messy under the jacket. However, I did see this in the promotional photos and I had the choice to buy or not. It's obvious which option I took.

Her face is just so adorable it's irresistible. Look at those lips!

Zita's wig cap is a deep mahogany red with a platinum streak. It's pulled back and turned under at the neck. She has a blue bow in her hair.
My wig cap, which George is going to replace, was rooted into dark brown resin which shows through on the forehead. I want to comb this one out to see how that looks but I suppose I'm going to have to return it. I hope the factory sees this wig cap and is careful not to repeat this.

In which direction should the cuffs have their opening? Away from the body, right? Of course. James would never stand for it.

Better with no shirt but on the revealing side. I've also turned up the hem of the skirt just for fun.

I didn't buy Zita for the fashion. I'm very happy with the doll herself. I'd like to see these Jamieshow Gene line dolls with fashions more like those of Phoenix, Violet and Gene Black Lipstick. I like gowns - well-made ones with some jewelry.


  1. I had to pass on Zita due to Ivy Jordan. Yes, the cuffs are on wrong, unless there is precedence for the change. I would think they are "extension" cuffs for the blouse, to show under the jacket. There are options for a slight edit replacing the blouse- something non-bulky. This doll seems to wear everything, and with every wig color!! THAT is something. Those who have her are so lucky.

  2. Zita may be my favorite JS doll to date other than Marlena. Her face is exquisite, and I haven't tired of looking at her since she arrived. She outshines even Gene and Ivy. Madra is very close.

    Almost all of the recent wig caps have had brown bases. Most of the time it doesn't make a difference, but it does let me know immediately if a cap isn't on quite right!