New Outfits

In my not-so-humble opinion, the navy blue ensemble called "On Set," modeled below by re-bodied "Overachiever" Eugenia Frost, was the best of the recent FR Cinematic Convention offerings. It was in the registration bag. It's sleek and sexy and I love it.

The only other item I wanted from this event is being modeled by another re-bodied Eugenia, "Most Desired."  This outfit is from "Inner Spark" Natalia, a convention package doll.
Yes, it's another fish tail black gown but I like it. The texture of the surface swirls almost makes the gown look beaded. The bodice could have been a bit tighter but it's just fine on the FR2 body as is.

I'd still like to have the Elise "Starlet" centerpiece doll nude only because I love that sculpt but I'm not paying the price being asked as it's not important enough. She's not in the running as one of the best Elise dolls anyway. No FR sculpt is that necessary anymore because my collecting funds go towards the resin BJDs now. I'll still buy a doll or three occasionally but I've also sold off a portion of my FRs.


The gown and wig above are a wonderful pair of creations by Cholo Ayuyao. Bravely modeled by Sybarite Toxica, it leaves little to the imagination.

In this, our precious world of pretty dolls, one has to be very selective to curate a rewarding collection according to one's own means. I'm getting better at that now.

There is much to sell off but it takes so much time which might better be spent playing.

Balance? Moderation? What are they?

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  1. I loved that "Inner Spark" dress too. Not the doll so much, her head/body mismatch is jarring.