Poppy Parker "The Camera Loves Her"

In spite of the fact that I do not collect Poppy Parker, I ordered "The Camera Loves Her." I am not disappointed. She is beautiful and unique. I will keep her!

Poppy wears a full bodysuit of lemon yellow with silver sequins in a random pattern. Her yellow chiffon floaty thing is attached to a halter of sequins which is also attached to the bodysuit. It's all one piece.

Her long dangling disco earrings are the icing on the cake. I love them, the big blue ring and the silver bangle. It all works so well together.

Her stunning hairstyle arrived in very good condition, fully fixed in place with gel or whatever it is they use. Her eyes are gorgeous. I would like a softer look to the eyebrows but these seem to be the default style on all IT's dolls.

I had a few moments of doubt about the shoes.
I thought they sent the wrong ones because this was as far as I could bend the ankles. Then I took a chance and used more force to bend the ankles forward and it worked. She can stand flat on these shoes. I still detest Poppy's ankles and flat feet but they are mostly hidden under these pants.

Several dealers still have her available at the SRP of $120. That surprises me. I think she will sell out as soon as people start to see IRL photos.


  1. I do like her a lot. Great shots...thought about opening her hair but if it looks this good, I will keep her as is...

    1. I'd seriously re-think about taking down her hair. She came with a warning against doing so due to the custom styling.

  2. I am liking the IRL photos a lot. She is an unusual doll and more creative than what has been coming out of Integrity lately.

  3. Love her hair and fashion... still those Poppy cankles really annoy me.

  4. The reason I like this doll so much is that she is so different than others, but not too out there for me. But whenever I look at her, I wonder what she would look like with her hair down. I need to look to see if people have posted pictures of her with a different hairstyle. There have been considerations of picking up a second one to experiment, but there with convention dolls on the horizon, I'm trying to restrain myself a bit.