PEONIE - GEN X - DD_087 Sybarite Rebel Princess

Today another in the new line of vinyl Sybarite dolls was offered for sale.
Here is the description posted on the Superdoll sales page.

With eyes of sour apple, jetted for attitude brows in chocolate and charcoal with shadow of nude. Lids in translucent soot. Lips the colour of candy with day old pomegranate accent.

Huge auburn blend wig bearing side parting and jaw length fringe, in a 'voluptuous' state; cascading down and swirling into waist length big loose curls.

It's hot outside... maybe a champagne lunch with the gurls?!
Venus had booked the bandstand in Hyde Park, had it cornered off with velvet ropes and sent in her decorators. For this privvy broad daylight affaire, she chose colour and pattern to make her statement. Bias plaid hotpants, a psychedelic halter collared shirt, a hot pink grosgrain tie, and lime all in one suspender hose with attached 'girly socks.
Looking herself up and down in her mirrored dressing room and tugging her shirt tails to peek out her hotpants 'just so', she popped on a few rose coloured bracelets, and giggled as she attached her acid yellow tutu around her waist. Doing a little Prima Diva spin, she placed a red rose and pink fluoro band on her head and flung a huge big gold 'chain & key' around her neck. Opening her accessory closets, her acid yellow handbag screamed 'grab me', so she did.
Not knowing where today may end, she opted for a dark violet base custom floral print jacket trimmed in 'ivy' and huge multicolour stones, slipped on her gold and pink sandals and headed for the door.

As her handmaiden hurried to keep up with her she asked 'did you remember the Vodka?'
Her handmaiden ran off in the opposite direction to call the caterers.

Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)


Price  £239.19 plus postage £42.95

 $373.24 + $67.00 = $441.24 shipped


  1. I don't collect these dolls, but I am always admiring their fashion.

  2. She has a very nice face up, hair, and outfit combination, but I didn't even try for her. For now, I'm standing pat with Precious and Cameo. I either want to pay less for the Integrity 16" line (Elsa Lin Sheen Siren is my favorite) or buy a JAMIEshow resin for a similar price. Or better yet, splurge and be lucky enough to buy a Kingdom Doll or Ficon. I can't get enough of Chaucer in her Madeline Rose Couture Ca C'est Bon dress right now. :-)

  3. You mentioned that Chandelier is a bit sallow. How is Peonie's skin tone?

    1. You can see in the photos that it is lovely.

  4. I forgot that you mentioned you didn't have a chance to compare Chandelier with your 4 others. I've noticed that most of the vinyl Sybs look sallow in photos, especially next to other dolls. And some hair colors seem to emphasize it. I'm just wondering now if they are all the same or not. I'm interested in getting one. Peonie's coloring does look nice here.