Integrity Toys for IFDC - NuFantasy Dolls

For those who did not attend the recent IFDC event in Vegas, there are additional companion and souvenir dolls which are being offered, by lottery, to W Club members.

Without You
The Nu. Fantasy™ Collection
LE 500 Dolls$150.00 + Shipping

Head Sculpt: Erin 2.0

 Wouldn't It Be Loverly?
The Nu. Fantasy™ Collection
LE 500 Dolls
 $150.00 + Shipping
Head Sculpt: Eden

Danced All Night
The Nu. Fantasy™ Collection
LE 500 Dolls
 $175.00 + Shipping
Head Sculpt: Giselle Diefendorf

I suppose Giselle's price reflects the fact that she is the convention souvenir, however, the edition size of 500 is the same as the other two dolls and her fashion doesn't appear to be more complex.  I did put in a ticket for the Giselle doll lottery. I like the gown and hopefully the fabric is OK. I see a ripple effect around the slit where the fabric joins the lining. That's never a good sign but I like the style and the accessories. 

Eden's outfit is very interesting and I love pink. I'd have to see and feel the fabric before making a decision as to whether I'd want it in my collection. Although I do not collect NuFace dolls, their fashions are lovely for my Monogram dolls.

Erin is the most beautiful of the three and I like her hair style. I do not like the gown. It is a confusing style. That big white border at the hemline is heavy and distracting. The diagonal fabric at her thigh is another odd element. This is one of those fashions that looks like it was dashed off in a hurry. It feels out of place with the other two. 

All the dolls have the FR white skin tone and brunette hair color. 

Good luck to all who have entered the lottery!

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  1. I like the first gown. But I do agree with you. The white at the hem is odd. I would add a white yolk at the neck to balance the look.


  2. I entered for Erin... the doll is gorgeous, but I agree the white bottom of the gown is a bit odd. I agree with Manny, some white elsewhere might have helped.

  3. If I win Erin, I will remove and replace the white section of her dress with something black and suitable to the top part of the dress. I wonder what they were thinking when they chose that material!

  4. I find Giselle overpriced. I dont care she is the convention doll, she offers nothing special and just costs too much for no reason. They always offer IFDC dolls as lottery. it is not a matter of "let's see what sells out". They know they do so why add that extra money to it.

    Erin reminds me too much of Barbie. I dont know exactly which Barbie right now, but there is something about her face - round eyes, the colored shadow, the red lips. I am not saying she is not pretty, but she just reminds me too much of Barbie.

    Loverly's dress is truly lovely and the doll herself would look so much better without that awful tall building of a bump. Something about this current Eden screening, with the short, small eyes - she looks like a deer.

    1. I'm always up for a straight-forward review! I don't like hair bumps, especially on dolls. At least these come with warnings about taking them down.

    2. It does say it voids the warranty. Does that mean with the whole doll? Including outfit, jewelry, body and all? That would be a truly ridiculous rationale but coming from IT, I would not be surprised.

    3. I'm going to guess it pertains to the body.