"Blue Serenade" Katy Keene

We picked up this new Katy Keene doll yesterday and when I opened the box I was very pleased to see that Katy is even prettier in person than her promos showed.

This particular Katy's hair style is closer to the early comic book Pin-Up Queen's style with it's roll bangs. I have hunted far and wide and have not found a KK with a chignon but I do love this style for a doll as it's neat and will stay that way.

I was surprised to find that the gown is two pieces. The satiny top has soft folds horizontally across the torso and has teensy buttons at the back of the neck (UGH) and the rest of the closure is hook and eye. There are two large bows cinched by a circle of clear beads that are the same as the beads around her neck.

The long chiffon skirt has a small zipper closure. The fabric drapes beautifully.
There's a little clutch and silver/grey long gloves. They will stay in their plastic bag as I don't like the effort it takes to put gloves on small dolls.
The earrings are silvery sparkly with faceted metal and rhinestones. They match her cuff bracelet which is not shown.

Her faux fur stole is long and has three "tails" at each end. On mine, the lining is not sewn properly. It is too large and I will have to pin it so it won't show when it's being worn.
Shiny silver strappy pumps complete the ensemble.

If you're a fan of the Color Infusion body, this is a perfect doll for you. I bought her for the outfit sans shoes which I know are too large.

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  1. Initially I liked the pictures of her, but the more I looked at them the less sure I was about the hair. Your pictures help reassure that it is actually quite nice. She's the only doll in the Katy Keene line I don't have yet. I have been impressed with them, much to my surprise. Gloria is my favorite; she has something I can't quite place my finger on.

    The clothing has been well made with interesting designs (I've never seen what they did with Lorelei's jacket before), wonderful accessories, and gorgeous jewelry. The two weak spots for me are Shimmering's dress (all those ruffles) and the gift set's red dress (it's fine, but something more imaginative would have been better).

    After seeing these dolls, I hope they continue to add to the line.