Not Just For American Girl Dolls Anymore

The very popular adolescent line of American Girl dolls offers accessories, furniture pieces and room settings which fashion doll collectors are going crazy over. As it turns out, these items which are made for the 18" American Girls actually work better with our 16" dolls!

First up is a shop called Grace's French Bakery which retails for a whopping $500. Prego member, Johanna, posted many pictures or her insanely fantastic collection which includes the La Patisserie and Grace's Pastry Cart  ($150) with her dolls.  If you look carefully, you will see Gene Marshall chairs and tables in the setting! It's perfect.

Johanna also showed us Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor  ($300) being visited by her Tonner Patience dolls.

Mike (laughon45) posted the following three rooms. He, like Johanna, has added other 1/4 scale furniture to enhance these American Girl rooms. All of the dolls he used in these settings are Kingdom Dolls.

Isabelle's Studio ($275) That's quite a transformation. I love it.

Caroline's Parlor ($300.) I want this one!

Photo by Seumas' Mom
 Juies Bed & Bedding ($125.) and Julie's Egg Chair Set ($100)
As if the Egg Chair weren't adorable enough, it is actually equipped with stereo speakers. You plug a cable from the chair into your own music source and your doll can enjoy.

Some retired American Girl pieces can be found on Amazon.com and on eBay.  Some sellers will say "fits American doll" when it's not genuine American Doll. It that matters to you, be aware.


  1. I don't know if I should say Thank You for posting this as you've introduced me to something I was unaware of (I think the dolls are ugly so I avoid them) and now covet. I think this is what collectors ache for--realism without pink/lavender/peach colored accessories (stoves, refrigerators, playsets) made of plastic but made of materials which mimic their real world counterparts. I would love to see realistically priced diorama sets, furniture pieces, accessories, etc. that fill the bill over deep pink "B"-monogrammed closets and toilets.
    One of my favorite features of Barbie Bazaar was the column on repositioning items to create lovely dioramas.

    Were Mattel to go back to the original "real" accessories of the early Barbie years and were Tonner to continue its line of Tyler-sized furniture (the dining room set, the armoire, the bed), it would reinvigorate my now dormant interest in dolls.

    As to the ice cream parlor, the living room set, and the baking accessory set (that KitchenAid Mixmaster!), I can only say: "Swoon!" Lovely!

    1. I'd love (and hate) for Tonner to go back to selling his gorgeous and perfectly scaled furniture

  2. Not to enable (hah), but Caroline's parlor is now in the Sale section at a more reasonable $165. And if you Google, there is a free shipping code out there for Easter. You'll still have to pay the up charge for a large item, but it removes the regular shop charge.

  3. so i guess these would be way off scale for 12 inch dolls?