The Gloss Convention Collection

My convention collection has arrived after a nearly 3 week wait. If I ever do this again, I will pay the extra $ to have it picked up at the event and shipped from there. I wonder why, when these collections were ordered and paid for way in advance, they weren't ready to ship immediately upon the end of the event. We are the collectors who bought these dolls blindly trusting that we'd like them. Why should we have to wait so long to get them? Don't give me the overused excuse that Integrity is a small company. They hosted a convention for 500 people and that excuse is still being thrown out to pacify collectors?

There is only one doll from the entire 7-doll convention collection that I'm keeping and that is Natalia. My decision was based on the fact that she is very beautiful, I like the skin tone and I have only one other Natalia at this time.
I don't care for her fashion - it's cheap-looking like most of the other fashions from the event. The fabric is chintzy and the style is just not something that suits me. The cape is attached at the shoulders. In order to get the gown off it has to go over her head.

I had a hard time deciding whether or not I should keep Eugenia. But I already have several other gorgeous Eugenias and if she sells, all the better.  She, too, is a beauty but in less than stellar gown.

The minute I saw the Vanessa, I knew she was not going to join my tribe. I really dislike Vanessa 2.0 and this one's makeup is very harsh. She has a wild look in her eyes.

If I loved Poppy Parker, Dark Moon would stay. She has a very pretty face. Again, I'm not a fan of the outfit but it is Poppy-Era appropriate.

I don't know why this doll is not selling well. My theory is that there are just too many dolls altogether and collectors' funds are being spread thin. The more dolls offered at a convention,  the more money the manufacturer takes in.  The less dolls there are, the higher the value goes on the secondary market. It seems the market has reached it's saturation point.

However, in the case of the Agnes convention souvenir and the Elise centerpiece, the secondary market went way up. No surprise there. So many collectors are crazy about Agnes and she will always be an event exclusive...until they change their minds.

My least favorite of all 7 dolls was Veronique "Nocturnal Glow." There is no glow in this sculpt at all. Poor Vero. They took away the face that launched a line. She looks sad and wistful now. Again, the fabric used for the gown was a cheap-looking black with a metallic gold thread and no discernible style. That humongous bow has to go.

If I weren't keeping Ayumi, I'd consider adding Kyori "Nightshade" to my collection.

I've noticed something strange about these new bodies - besides the fact that they are like pop-it beads,
some of the elbow joints make noise when moved. The elbows are stiff even when warmed.

Simonetta Bertorelli "La Ville Lumiere" is a new addition to the Victoire Roux line. She's OK but is not for me.

My own picture was not available at the time of posting.

The theme, "Gloss," was partly interpreted by the designers by using sparkly and or filmy fabrics in most cases. The fabrics chosen were not good quality and it showed. However, Agnes' gown was stunning and obviously showed a design flair and quality that would have been nice on all the dolls. The hairstyles were long and glamorous and that worked very well.


  1. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog. : )

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I enjoy hearing from my readers, too.

  2. Well, if it wasn't for the bodies, I wouldn't be buying them, because it certainly isn't the clothes. I have a lot of the earlier model heads so I do a lot of head swapping. I particularly don't like 70s fashion, and even 1960s fashion is stretching my tolerance, and but I'm older and having lived through those times I guess I'm over them. The think fabrics are actually OK (Eugenia's dress is silk? but I'm not doing a burn test to find out), so it's the style I reckon that makes them look cheap.

    I heard some disappointment expressed with the 'new' Simonetta, because this is not a new head mould, she is from a very early Integrity line (I'd have to look it up). However, she will make a good classic 40s or 50s model. (I guess she was named after Simonetta Vespuci (d. 1476), said to be the inspiration for Botticelli's Birth of Venus.)

    The new Nu-face bodies are very good, and even if you don't like the head they would be useful.

    1. I'm wondering who she was. If you find out, will you let us know?

    2. Alysa...back from playline

  3. I really disliked Veronique's original facemold, I think it was very much like a cartoon, like she had a really big mouth, about this one, the face features are very pretty, the nose and the mouth are nice, but I dislike her overall face shape, its like a rectangle, she has a very square jaw, very heavy. But then again, square/masculine jaws seems to be very common with FR dolls.

    1. Early Veroniques were cartoonish - no eyelashes...very straightforward features. She certainly evolved. The square jaw....I don't notice it as much as I notice it in Tonner dolls.

  4. As someone who doesn't have as many FR dolls as more established collectors -- and for whom this is the first convention release I've seen -- this has been a good learning experience about pricing, timing purchases, and the dolls themselves. I've been pleased with all of them, and the only quality issue is the the Chrome Noir Erin has a slight wobble to her head. Of the FR dolls I have in hand, my favorites are Natalia, Giselle, Adele, and Kyori. Simonetta and Ayumi were just edged out of the top spots, but I see a lot of potential with Simonetta. The Chrome Noir Erin is the least favorite of the dolls I bought; there is something about her that makes me think of vampires.

    I see what people are saying about the outfits. Most of them may not be up to what buyers expect from the FR line. However, I find them fun and evocative of the period. Perhaps I should 'fess up that my favorite Barbie outfits are the Mod ones.1970s fashion was colorful, so I would have liked to see less black; it does make Natalia, Adele, Eugenia, Dominique, and the Vanessas stand out more. Giselle's outfit was one of my favorites just because it was so different even though it was black. (I'd love to see Agnes in person because that was probably the best outfit of the line.) I'll repeat myself: Please stay away from using hooks as closure, Integrity. They are not always easy to use.

    A better variety of jewelry would have made the collection better, too. Too many had the same earrings. Where were the necklaces, other than Victoire's? On the plus side, there were several rings.

    1. Hi Troy: Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. My readers like to hear from new collectors as well as those who have been around a long time. All that matters is that you like what you buy. Others' opinions need not influence you when it comes to taste. But we all learn from eachother so it's good to get a variety of opinions.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I am so tired of people - especially IT cheerleaders/cult members - trying to justify all this lack of professionalism by pointing out that IT is a small company. So f_*king what? They are still a business and need to remain professional. Maybe they should consider hiring more people so one person doesn't have to do the job of 5. Everytme something happens someone says "but they are a small company" like that made it understandible. And for 150 on average per doll, they need to step up their game.

    I agree with you about them taking too long to ship out the convention collection. Why cant they do it the week before convention? It is all a matter of planning. Just freaking plan accordingly, so you have all your shit ready. Since they require full payment of the collection before the convention, they know exactly what and how many need to go out so they can get it all ready and shipped out right before the convention or at least right after. Why the "2 weeks after." Oh yeah, it's because it is a small company. We get it.

    I do like the convention dolls a lot, however, and find their outfits to be very theme appropriate and the quality quite amazing. Adorned Vanessa is an absolute stunner. Simonetta looks strange to me. Almost like a Disney doll. Her face is very unrealistic and cartooney. It is weird.

    But I guess whether one likes the collection or not, it all depends on what your preferences and tastes are.

    Dark Moon Poppy is very beautiful. I think her outfit - and especially that purple fur coat - don't help her and make her look like a hooker in winter. You can barely see poor Poppys gorgeous face drowning in all that massive fur.

  6. I seem to be in the minority in liking the Gloss fashions. They remind me of Halston's work, and he was responsible for the best of the seventies/disco era.

    Natalia was my favourite but I've resisted the urge to buy her because I have many Natalias but I did buy the loose outfit. I agree, the fabric is chintzy but I like the style. I would, however, have preferred it if the cape was a separate piece over a halter neck gown.

  7. And I agree with Poppy, the Simonetta doll had a very weird face, especially the eyes. I bought the outfit though. I'm very weak in resisting the outfits which are reproductions of actual couture gowns.