Official Pictures of the Gloss 2014 Convention Dolls Part I

Here are the meal event photos.
We're still waiting for the main convention collection, store exclusives, watch workshop and CI doll photos.  Starlight Poppy reminds me so much of an earlier convention Erin.
Luxury Wear Costume (Outfit only)
Official Convention Souvenir
Starlight Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Official Convention Giveaway Doll
Angel in Blue
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Official Convention Centerpiece Doll
Sensuous Affair
Giselle Diefendorf™ Dressed Doll
W Club Luncheon Exclusive Centerpiece Doll
Dominique Makeda™ Dressed Doll
Official Workshop Doll
Chrome Noir
Erin Salston™ Dressed Doll
W Club Luncheon Exclusive Giveaway Doll
Evening Siren
Ayumi N.™ Dressed Doll
IT Direct Store Exclusive
Elise Jolie™ Dressed Doll
Official Table Centerpiece
Intimate Reveal
Agnes Von Weiss™ Dressed Doll
Official Convention Souvenir Doll


  1. If only the FR 16s got outfits that were this much fun!
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

  2. That Ayumi and that Agnes are so gorgeous! I hope their secondary prices come down a bit or that I luck out in a lottery :D

    1. Ayumi is so different and beautiful that I've decided to keep her! They've finally come up with a wonderful Asian sculpt for her.

  3. this year they really went all out, I love all these dolls, and cannot afford any on secondary market

    I did spring from the Nocturnal Venessa, which you don't have posted here

    1. Her picture and the other's not yet shown were released by Integrity yesterday. I'll post them later. I'm glad you were able to pick up Veronique.

  4. Integrity did a great job with the dolls this year. Almost all of them are collection worthy! I do not regret any of the Fashion Royalty buys so far: Natalia (so dramatic, and who doesn't love a cape?!), Adele (so sophisticated, and a much better face sculpt than on the Vivid Encounter doll), Veronique (I can't resist her, because her many iterations are still my favorites among the FR line -- and a gorgeous dress), and Simonetta (lovely face and so glad they softened the pulled-back hair with a braid).

    The Color Infusion dolls that I picked up so far are okay, but the females don't wow me. Tilda Brisby is the one I like best. The male dolls may actually be more interesting. Tenzin Dahkling has an excellent sculpt, and I like the hair.

    The Color Infusion clothes, on a more positive note, are fun designs. Love the retro looks. However, hooks for closures? Am I alone in disliking them intensely? Some of them -- particularly belts and collars -- are difficult to connect for me. I spent a good ten minutes trying to connect both hooks on the blue belt of Ladie's Night and gave up with just one fastened. Give me snaps any day! :-D