Integrity Toys 2014 "Gloss" Convention

I followed the events of the convention on several social media boards and on the phone with my proxy. The organizers certainly had huge obstacles to overcome but luckily for them and the attendees, the missing dolls arrived. I think this was their largest convention at 500 people. I would have loved the Friday night Halloween event. From photos, it looks like the costumes were fantastic!

In a message from the W Club we were told that due to technical difficulties, photos of the convention dolls can't be posted yet. Whatever.

There are many people posting pictures of their own dolls but the official photos would be nice to have as in past years. You can  find them on eBay. Do a search under "Gloss Convention/dolls & bears" and you will come up with several hundred postings.

That being said, I had to decide to keep only a few dolls so I've been selling the ones that can't stay. Here is what remains.

Sheer Sensuality Vanessa (Magenta) (Centerpiece) $300.

Poppy Dark Moon  (Purple) (Convention collection) $250.

Grandiose Natalia Fatale (Convention collection) $225. (Nude $175) (Outfit $75)

Veronique Nocturnal Glow (Convention collection) $200. (Nude $150) (Outfit $65)

Simonetta Bertorelli  La Ville Lumiere  (Convention collection) $200.
Victoire “Dial V for Victoire” Mini Gift Set (Store exclusive) $200.
Both for $350.

Jolt (ITBE Store exclusive) Blonde in pink dress. $115.

Chrome Noir Erin (NuFace) (Luncheon Gift Doll) $225.

Evening Siren Ayumi  (NuFace)  $250.  (Nude $175.)

Time Served Color Infusion Homme Male Doll (Workshop) $200

Kyori  “Nightshade”  (Convention collection)  Outfit Only $75

A huge shipment from my proxy is due to arrive tomorrow. I got the notice from UPS this morning. The convention collection, coming from Integrity, will take a few days longer.

Prices do not include postage.

Email me if you have an interest. I do have some pictures.

The dolls I am keeping:

-Intrigue Elise - Saturday night centerpiece.
-LE Smoking Adele (Convention Collection)
-After Hours Hanne (She was an optional purchase.)

I'm undecided about Cold Shoulder Eugenia and Adorned Vanessa (Convention collection.) They are gorgeous but I'm holding off deciding until I have them in my hands.
I think I'm done with Vanessa. 

I had to ask myself what dolls I would have been willing to pay secondary market prices for and then decide whether or not it was worth it to have a proxy. It's a lot of work and time to sell the dolls I don't want to keep. I bought three of last year's convention dolls individually (Both Elise and one Monogram) as I did not have a proxy. This year, I got a bit caught up in the extras offered and bought dolls that are beautiful but not for me.

Such problems.

These CI male dolls are interesting. The frenzy for them is unbelievable.

Here's a picture of one I found on eBay.
They're all very different and many are other than Caucasian. They sell out quickly at the event. This is the workshop one.


  1. I do hope some official photos will be posted -- eBay's always subject to iffy photography and auctions labeled in odd ways that keep them from turning up in searches. ;P

    I was pleasantly surprised by the apparently Tibetan (Tenzin) male doll in the CI lineup. How cool is that?

  2. I;d love to have that centerpiece Vanessa but I will have dolly money again in December :(

    1. A deposit will hold her for you, Stratos. Email me.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. I'll see what shows as things become available.

    Someday, I'd like to attend a FR Convention. For now, I'll enjoy my my Adele, my Lukas, and my T.J. And the photos others share.

  4. I love the hair and shoes on those CI boys, but the prices are pretty crazy! I don't love them THAT much!

    I do wish they'd post pictures of all the dolls- I think I only got a few and not until today..?

    1. Pictures have been posted today.

  5. From the pictures I've seen (mostly on eBay) so far, Integrity did an excellent job with the dolls. The male dolls have me rethinking my normal no-hommes buying habit; they are indeed a welcome variety. The standouts of the dressed dolls are definitely Adele, Veronique, and Natalia. There are a few Color Infusion dolls that I think I'm going to pick up, too, if I can, because they offer a nice variety to the line. Adding an Elise and a Giselle to my collection would be so terrific, but the second market price points seems a bit high for a 12" plastic gal. I'll probably break down at some point. The power of the dolls compels us to buy them!

    1. Well if you break down, buy mine. :-)