The Leading Ladies of The Wizard of Oz

I've been MIA for a while attending convention and a family holiday which were just a few days apart. I'm exhausted!
I'm currently occupied getting a submission ready for FDQ.

There is an interesting, charitable function in the works and the best way to describe it is to copy here a letter from Joanne Canapini who handles PR at the Tonner Doll Company.

Hi there Terri!

My name is Joanne and I handle PR at the Tonner Doll Company.  We’ve met at many an event at the Tonner Company Store and Factory Sales over the years – I’m the gal with short dark hair :D  We are big fans of your blog, and you’ve been a great supporter of what we do, so I wanted to take the time and reach out to you because we have some super exciting stuff going on that you might want to cover! 

We’re currently in the middle of a major partnership with Warner Bros. and Habitat for Humanity on a thrilling design program called The Leading Ladies of The Wizard of Oz, in celebration of the 75th anniversary (the anniversary of the actual premiere is actually this Friday, though we have been celebrating all year long!).  Here’s a little background:

Twenty of the world’s top fashion, costume and accessories designers have reinterpreted
doll-sized couture versions for “The Leading Ladies of The Wizard of Oz” design program in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the classic film and in support of Warner Bros. and Habitat for Humanity’s “There’s No Place Like Home” campaign, supporting Habitat for Humanity’s work to create decent, safe and affordable housing in partnership with low-income families.

Each designer has created a unique makeover from head to toe, featuring hand-crafted outfits, dramatic hairstyles and makeup, and perfectly petite footwear for “The Leading Ladies of The Wizard of Oz.” The full collection of Tonner Dolls, starring Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch, and The Wicked Witch of the West will be unveiled at The Museum at FIT in New York, September 4-10, after which the collection will be showcased at the flagship Bloomingdales location on 59th and Lexington from September 12 - October 9.

The Tonner dolls that the designers have used for their creations are the 22” American Models – and they are stunning!

Bottom: Chris Benz


Stay tuned for more pictures of the dolls along with some of the backstory.


  1. these look like American model dolls size dolls and so I'm hopin all that is holy they have come up with legitimate working doll stands for them!!! I just got on right then after an nightmare experience with my new AM that I got unopened from a doll store first taking my horrible pictures of her outside in the wind then breaking down and doing the same in my craft room to come up with something decent enough to put online to sell a set made for her. Love Tonner and my El 1/4 size and like the AM 1/3 size but the stands suck and the dolls are a bit loose [I'm starting to appreciate my bjds allot more with pose ability and ability to tighten if needed]. I finally propped her against the blinds and hopefully didn't bust the stand [have yet to go look for it] after I flung it across the room after it made the doll do a nose dive.Good to see ya back and hope you had a great holiday!

    1. They are American Model dolls and I hope your wish for a working doll stand comes true!

  2. ...mmmm sounds interesting, and I look forward to see the other doll. From the sample, the one with the checkers dress doesn't seem too dramatic hehe ;)