Tonner 2014 Mainline Release

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the television series entitled Big Bang Theory, I will explain. The character Sheldon is obsessive compulsive and when he knocks on his neighbor Penny's door, he has to knock three times and say Penny. He does this three times.
It has become a meme.

On to the Tonner release...

Here's Sheldon!
SHELDON COOPER - First Edition $149.99
Robert did a great job sculpting the likeness. It's one of his best ever! While it's not a doll I need in my collection, I think the price is right. What troubles me is the finishing of the clothing. It's one of those details that is important to me.
Anyway, a huge portion of this release consists of childlike dolls: Half Pint, who has the (annoying) Kickit's sculpt, Patsy and Patsyette. The Patsy and Patsyette are very cute and their clothes are adorable. I don't collect this type of doll.  I look at the Tiny Kitty outfit and sigh. If you know anything about sewing and fabric, you will agree that the wrong fabric was used for this gown. The gathering is awful. My Tiny Kitty collection is done. It ended with glitter and I doubt that anything will bring me back.
Here is a screen shot of the entire new release. 


The Jon, Cami and Liu Liu are nice looking dolls but their fashions, if one can call them fashion, are ignorable. And the Party Stripes Cami...seriously...was she high already when she got dressed? A short lime green skirt and striped top is not fashion or fashionable. Who the heck signed off on that doll? She should have been sold nude or as a basic in a bodysuit.

New opportunities for "Who Wears It Better" have cropped up recently.

I think the 22" American Models are lovely.  I'd have to build another level onto my home to accommodate more of them. There have been many that are so gorgeous.  These two come to mind immediately.

But I digress.

It's a no-brainer that a manufacturer cannot maintain the same quality of goods as prices keep rising.
Lowering the quality is not the answer.  
Make it better and charge more.
Then sell the lower priced items as basics without stands, clothes or any extra doo dads. 
Refine the line.
There are collectors who spend small fortunes for beautiful dolls with fabulous clothing. I'm not just talking about OOAK dolls.

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  1. The Sheldon doll is hilarious!! But why are they doing Amy first instead of Penny? And a door diorama lol