It's Not About The Fabric

I may have mentioned this before regarding a conversation I had with Robert Tonner years ago - possibly the first time I met him. I said, "I love the fabrics you use." He replied, "It's not about the fabric; it's about what is done to the fabric." By this he meant embellishment and draping.
Three days ago, we put together one of those Detolf Ikea showcases. I needed another to display my beautiful Tiny Kitty dolls who were all squished in with my Silkstones. That's definitely not a pleasurable way to enjoy a collection.
After arranging the dolls - many of whom did not fit anyway - I shot a few iPhone pictures some of which are below.
What does this have to do with anything? You know I'm going to tell you.
The reason I've been disappointed in several of the newest Tiny Kitty offerings become clearer when I look at my collection and compare.
Just look at the handling of the beautiful fabrics on these little dolls. 
I use risers to lift the back row of dolls but I ran out of them so most are on the same level for now.
The only way to fit these gals in was to sit them down.

This shelf has a combination of Silkstones on the left and Tiny Kitty plus Simone Rouge on the right.
On this shelf, all the dolls are in their original outfits except the far left.
The embroidery, the beading, the lace overlays, the full skirts, the pleating, the hats, purses and accessories...sigh. Gone. These dolls are rarely offered for sale anywhere and if they are, the prices are above the original retail.
You can find three of the new TKs in there. One is nekkid as I purchased her that way and haven't decided which of the many fashions I have she will wear. 
Her hair arrived with the forehead curl sticking out on the side of her head. There is no glue residue on her forehead. That's going to need a little fixing. I wonder if the seller noticed that before shipping.
This is the doll who was offered dressed in a glitter gown with glitter gloves and shoes. But she is also the first TK to have eyelashes. I wanted her.

If you want to see previous photos I've taken of Tiny Kitty with a real camera, just search the blog by entering the phrase Tiny Kitty into the search box at the top left of the blog page.


  1. Always wondered in TK's clothes fit a Silkstone Barbie. She had such beautiful clothes. What do think of Tonner's 2014 Mainline release.

    1. Actually, Steve, lots of them do fit. The best non Silkie clothes on them is the original Fashion Royalty stuff.

  2. Mmmm--delicious! I've always loved TK's classic look. And I think it may be about the fabric, indeed! ;)

    1. Thank you, Alison, for your comments.

  3. I have four Tiny Kitty's and several of the older fashions and I adore them! I haven't purchased any of the new stuff. Yet. So, thanks for sharing here. You have a beautiful collection, too, by the way, and they definitely deserved their own space!

    1. Thank you, Constance. I love looking at them now.