Tonner's Shipboard Wedding Fashion and Herve Leger Fashion

I don't do bride dolls but when I saw this pretty bridal dress in the LE50 version, I jumped on it. It also comes in a dressed doll version called Shipboard Wedding. Sadly, I just realized that it does not come with the cool faux diamond ring or necklace.

I didn't like the stiffness of Tyler in my first pictures of her. They reminded me of old fashioned wedding photos where the couple would stand perfectly still (like dolls.)
So I colorized the full length image to go with that vintage feel. Still doesn't really work - but that's the way it goes.
The background is annoying.
I'm lazy.

More modern fashion awaits with the Herve Leger bandaid dress on Lingerie 3 Silkstone.
The clutch is too large for a 12" doll. I like large bags but they have to have straps. This one would work with a 16" doll so I'm keeping it - for now. I love the dress.
Speaking of stiff and rigid, Silkstone dolls are the epitome of mannequin stiff in my collection and yet I like them.
I like too many things.

I know. I have to get rid of that freaky backdrop. Ignore it.


  1. Wouldn't life be simple (and boring) if we liked only one thing? Variety is the spice of life--too bad spice is so expensive! 8-)

  2. I like too many things also.

  3. Both dresses are amazing...I love the HL set but not enough to pay that price-tag.
    The Tonner MM wedding set is beautiful also. Too bad they cannot capture her likeness...
    She looks as tho she's in pain. lol
    The fashions are gorgeous but I wonder why the jewelry isnt included but shown in the pic??