Some Tonner 2013 Convention Dolls

I'm posting a few of the beautiful Tonner Convention Dolls. For a complete selection of pictures click on the link at the end of this post.
Dark Innocence Evangeline

Dark Innocence Parnilla
Mod Tyler
Mod Ava
Lady Emily
Jay Centerpiece
Zelda Centerpiece

Of these, my favorite is Daisy and I would definitely get her if I could just get the head. Her face is so pretty and she looks just like Daisy in the new Gatsby movie. I like Zelda's fashion.  I think Lady Emily is spectacularly dressed.

I know nothing about these dolls regarding price or availability but I'm quite sure they will appear or have already popped up for sale on eBay and the doll boards.  I you see anyone selling Daisy's head, please let me know!

For a great selection of photos from the event go to DREAMCASTLE DOLLS.   Carol has done a great job of providing as many good pictures of the dolls and displays and competitions as possible.


  1. First time I liked Cami. Both as Daisy and Zelda. And as Lady Grace. Sydney A Go Go is spectacular (souvenir luncheon doll), and can see why she sold out fast.

    Once again- Daphne relegated to a Convention sculpt (used twice), as (it seems) the new Matt sculpt.

  2. Haha omg Lady Emily is me. My name is Emily, the red white and blue is very July 4th (I was born July 5th), and I'm brown hair blue eyed.