FDA Magazine: Number 7

Fashion Doll Agency dolls are few and far between. Most are extremely limited editions and they are quite unusual. I have not posted anything about them in ages but today the link to their newest publication was emailed and it's very nice. The doll on the cover would be a delight to own. She's beautiful. Look at those eyes!

Click on the magazine image to see more.


  1. J'adore!
    I simply love these dolls. I don't know why exactly, they are not beautiful, they are kinda expensive and the quality of the two I have are at times spotty, but there is something about them that just captivate me. They are unlike anything else. I wish they were resin.

  2. Hi Terri,

    These dolls were on sale at the Italian Doll Convention last week and I am always drawn to them. They are highly unique and have a "soulful' quality about them. Not sure I have room for another make of doll in my collection though... for now at least!