Wilde Imagination Candlelight Rufus Basic

I did a double-take while browsing the Ellowyne Wilde catalog earlier. Listed in among the Basic Dolls was a doll called Candlelight Rufus Basic. He looked so much like another Tonner doll - at first.
Candlelight Rufus Basic $119.00
Put your finger over the face and who do you see? I saw Jeremy Voss for an instant. Too bad Rufus is so weird-looking. I wish Jeremy would make a comeback. I need one with black hair.

It looks like the same body except for the neck. What do you think?

I wonder if this Rufus outfit would fit the Matt/Jeremy body? I like this outfit called "Totally Natural."
Rufus - Totally Natural (Outfit Only) $89.00
It  vaguely reminds me of something Rex Harrison wore in My Fair Lady.

The Mattel version is kind of cute, too.

Mattel's Ken® Doll as Professor Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady™


  1. I have never tried them on, I have never gotten my hands on a Rufus or any of his outfits, but I have a note that he & Matt can wear the same clothes which means I read it somewhere online. I'm sure someone can & will confirm this. (Yep I keep a text file of notes of what dolls can wear other clothes!)

    1. I just realized I have Imperium Park Phin wearing the 2nd Damon Salvatore's suit, it fits great. Phin is Rufus's body, Damon is Matt's body.

    2. Please explain the difference!

  2. Why pick a zero, when you can pick a hero (IMHO)? Tonner confuses me with this one. I'd rather see Phin come back in the Ello line. Jeremy Is great, and could easily see him replace Matt (whatever happened to this resculpt?).

  3. Not sure why Rufus is being resurrected. I'd rather see Phineas back/ added to the line. Wonder what's happening with Andy Mills, too?

    Is the Rufus body thinner than the Matt body? Always thought there should be a slimmer male body in the line, to match the current body types on the street.

    I have three Jeremys (including Brother Dreary). There is something exotic about his sculpt. I'd almost like to see Tyler ditch "Matt" and go with Jeremy. But, if she has a baby-bump (upcoming Tyler gown), may not be so practical.

  4. I love his outfit... But his head / face is really weird?

  5. The original Rufus was said to have the Matt body. As far as I can tell, comparing a Phin to a James Collin, they're still identical, and even if they weren't, the clothes are interchangable. Phin is newish, and I haven't tried much on him, but I've been using his clothes on the James Collins since they debuted. There's one pair of pants (The khaki's with the leather details) that is a bit tight, but it might just be those pants (which Phin hasn't tried on yet.)

    I don't have a Rufus, but I've never liked him in photos (Or Phin in real life) with Ellowyne because his head seems too small. I suspect that it wasn't worth the investment to make a new male body with a neck that would support an even larger head that looks more in scale with Ellowyne (which a lot of collectors think has been shrunk a bit if you compare the first generation to now). Phin's head is bigger than James', but not by as much as you'd think. (Phin does look more in scale with Thea, whose head is narrow and doesn't quite fit in with Ello either.) I have secret hopes that they'll try a Superhero body with a larger head for the next male in the line.