Tiny Kitty To Make A Comeback

I forgot to mention that Robert Tonner announced the return of Tiny Kitty at the IDEX breakfast last week. They showed the line but it was a slide show so I didn't get to see enough. I thought the dolls looked more like Simone Rouge than Tiny Kitty. Simone is less innocent looking.
The bodies will be the same...boo hoo. I would have liked if they could sit without their knees spreading apart. In any event, I am pleased that there will be some new Tiny Kitty dolls to join my collection.

This is a really old photo. My first Tyler and possibly one of my first Tiny Kitty dolls.

One of my favorites, "Little Miss Kitty."

I love the blonde TKs.
Wearing a Poppy Parker outfit. Seated on her own bed.

Tiny Kitty loves to wear Fashion Royalty clothes! The shoes do not fit (the boots do) and the bust is a different proportion but many of the multi-piece outfits from the 2nd generation FR work well.

Tiny Kitty and Simone Rouge share the same body. They can also wear modern 10" Cissette fashions.

This is a picture of Simone wearing a Madame Alexander Cissette (or Coquette) fashion.

My girls get along with each other. The big ones look after the small ones. Antoinette and Simone.


  1. Can Tiny Kitty wear Madame Alexander Cissette shoes? What about the older Cissette clothes?

    1. Yes. Most Cissette clothes are perfect for Tiny Kitty.

    2. Thank you so much... I've just discovered the world of Tiny Kitty and have decided to create a 1920's world for her... that said, I think I'll have to create most of her costumes. Shoes seem to be the most challenging; do you have any special vendors or shopping tips? Great site... really enjoying all the variety in doll collecting you present!

    3. Oh, I meant to also ask about Miss Revlon clothes and shoes? Do they fit Tiny Kitty? Thanks for letting a newby to the doll world ask questions, much appreciated.

    4. If you are referring to the short-lived 13" Miss Revlon, I don't think so. She is taller and quite differently proportioned. The other child Revlon dolls that Tonner has produced are not similar at all.

    5. I have lots of references for you:
      Email Marcia Friend and ask if she still sells Tiny Kitty shoes: [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/16kb9tt.jpg[/IMG]
      This is a website where the collector shows every single Tiny Kitty and outfit ever made.
      Several people on eBay sell Tiny Kitty outfits.
      I sometimes sell TK stuff, too. http://www.thedollpage.com/ads/searchresults.php?owner=46

    6. http://www.facetsbymarcia.com/ --That is the correct URL for Marcia's website and you can find her email there.

  2. Thank you so much! I've had a great evening searching the sites you listed and I've sent you an email hoping to purchase some of your items.