"Latte" New BJD from Ficon Doll

Ficon introduced their new dressed doll, Latte, for sale today. She is a limited edition of 30 and sells for $735. They have released one new doll a month since May. I haven't really followed Ficon's sales in the past so I don't know if this is normal for them.

Along with Latte, one new outfit and a swimsuit ensemble is also available. Go to www.ficondoll.com for more images and information.
There seems to be a larger than usual amount of dolls hitting the market at the same time all competing for the same prize - our money.

Photography for Ficondoll by Alexandra Forbes.


  1. Wow she is really gorgeous.

  2. Hello!

    Even though I had decided to stop doll collecting and changingt to perfume (amassing?), I still like to follow up on what's going on dollwise every now and then.

    Who on earth can afford to buy all these dolls at one time?

    I surely can't.

    Every Sybarite I bought ruined my budget for quite a while.

    I just wonder: with an average income such buying sprees simply are not possible.

    Even if you're quite well off how can you buy all that 1/6 and 16" inch stuff that's on offer?

    Not everybody's an apt reseller (I surely am not).

    It's the same with new perfumes popping up every half hour. I often think it's a waste of resources and sometimes I feel these huge quantities for sale suffocate me.

    As well as those piled up at home.

    There must be some limits to everlasting steady increase, I suppose.


    1. Petra, there's that difference between amassing and curating that I have to practice or I would be very unhappy.
      I'm so glad you check in every so often!