And From Superdoll....

There is a new basic doll, an accessory and a wig pack now available from Superfrock.
The doll is Dionysis:
Venus clone: 0779 regular skintone
Price: £323.50 LE 80

The Accessory Pack, Champ_Paq, comes with a list of useful and other items a "champ" like Dionysis might have such as a magnum of champagne, a winner's laurel wreath, no-sweat space blanket, go-go shorts, boob tube tops, hypercolor wigs, opera length gloves and stiletto sandals. I am mainly interested in the sets of hands which is also included.
Price: £139.50 LE80

Lastly, "Sour Grapes" is a set of two neon-colored Godiva wigs.
LE 100 Price: £37.75
As of this writing, all items are still available for purchase although I think that the accessory pack will be gone shortly.

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