Tonner's Raven

The one convention doll I purchased, Raven, arrived today. Like most furry, feathered creatures, she sheds. Her box had bits and pieces of this and that floating around. What I thought was a headpiece is actually part of her hair caught up and left with the ends sticking out. That hairdo will come down and she will have a full head of curly hair. In person her eye shading is darker than her promos. She reminds me of a mixture of two earlier Tonner dolls I've had, Suzette and the Ghost of Christmas Past.

 The tail of her costume is wired so it can be curled upward. Her shoes have a row of faux fur at the back and down the heel. Its not showing up in the pictures but her tights are shiny black. I think the interpretation of Raven-ness was done exceedingly well. She is ready for Halloween or a POE-try reading event.

A few other new things...
This is an Integrity FR16 dress being worn by Grace. It was too large for her in the upper back so I pinned about an inch.  The wig is by Cheryl Wood. I love the purse! The outfit comes with a ring and matching stud (yellow rhinestone) earrings, a yellow/black enamel cuff bracelet and black shoes.

Poor Leonie. I haven't given this new doll more than a few minutes of my time. She will have to wait a bit longer for some good styling and photos.

Last but not least in any way is Talc. I love this doll. She got to try on another new Ficon outfit that reminds me of a tutu. The jewelry is Superfrock; wig by Cheryl Wood. 


  1. these are all great pics, but i really love the last two of talc. but i'm biased c:

  2. Grsce and Talc look amazing--fabulous styling!

  3. "That's so Raven" LOL. Love that Raven! I love & need her as is. She is my kind of doll!