Hot Toys: The Avengers: Loki Limited Edition Collectible Figurine

Most doll collectors know that the Hong Kong based company known as Hot Toys creates the ultimate realistic, highly detailed collectible figures around. These items are 1/6th scale and unbelievably fabulous.
At first I thought this first image was the real actor in a costume. This is so real looking it's scary.

The Avengers
Movie Masterpiece Series
Sixth Scale Figure
Item Number: 901874
Manufactured by: Hot Toys
Price: US $219.99 Pre-order
Estimated Ship Date December, 2012
Pre-orders are being accepted on the Sideshow Collectibles website. 

A new figure was posted on their Facebook page today but her face is not shown. She is the "mysterious and gorgeous Avenger - Black Widow." 


  1. You should see their Wolverine figure. It's a very good imitation of the actor. Hot Toys' figures are pretty much the ultimate toy for fans. Especially considering the price tag. I'm looking forward to receiving Hawkeye in September and seeing whether all the praise is justified.


    1. Some of us pay as much and more for way less articulation and perfection. If I were into these types of characters, I'd definitely be buying Hot Toys.

  2. Just pre-order mine Loki today from Hobby link japan. The only seller I trust and delivery on time also they pack great in secure package so the box don't get crush like the eBay sellers. The Black Widow will goes up in price since it is very hard to find sexy woman figure and rarely produced by Hottoys.

    1. I used to buy all the time from Hobby Link. They do package their merchandise very well.