Still Gorgeous After All These Years: Tyler Wentworth

Cherished Friends recently had a clearance sale and Fire Opal Tyler was offered at a fair price. I've wanted her since I saw her and now she's mine. (Insert evil laugh.)

I deboxed Baubles, Bangles and Blues Ellowyne. Her outfit is delightful! The ruffles are actually a sleeveless cape that ties with a satin bow. The dress has a train. I like everything about this fashion.
Her booties have elastic ties which are the best. They're easy to tie and tighten and they're without excess bulk. She is really cute. I am looking forward to trying the fashion on another 16" doll.

The next image was part of a crazy photo shoot in which I was trying to make Sybil channel the wolf in Red Riding Hood. In this scene, the wolf is pretending to be RRH's grandmother. Sybil did not want to bend as much as I would have liked and I broke off her head thereby ending the photo session. It was pretty funny.


  1. Oh Terri, I Love these photos! I love the dolls & Sybil makes me laugh! Sybil would make the perfect wolf with her mouth wide open like that..Lol.

    I love the blue w/trees background. It actually kind of makes me think of a tree photo I did. Love the mysterious mood it evokes.


  2. I LOVE the Ello outfit. It is so feminine and well-designed.
    Also, a big TY for the laugh with Sybil! So funny!