CDDC Challenge Six

The entries for the final couture design challenge are posted. This is going to be an interesting bunch of evaluations as the challenge was to design an avant garde fashion that Lady GaGa might wear. Well as we all know, she's liable to wear anything so I'm guessing that the judging will be about the thought process behind the couture and the construction.
I have a few favorites.
In the Beginner Category, my favorite is Contestant 3. I don't know how couture it is but it's cute and suits the doll well. I love the shoes! I could see GaGa wearing this.

In the Intermediate division the entry by Contestant 6 is above and beyond any other entry for the creative thought process and the explanation of how the designer came up with the fashion. By this time it's obvious whose work it is and CBS, NBC and CNN predict he will win the contest.

Another Intermediate entry deserves notice. Contestant 9 created this fashion mostly from paper. At first I thought they were miniature dollar bills. I think the artificial flowers and big satin bow do not work as avant garde items. Perhaps using some other unusual material would have worked. But the paper dress is adorable and it's definitely something GaGa would wear.

The Advanced category had only two contestants remaining. Both created interesting fashions for this challenge but Contestant 13 made me laugh out loud.  She called it "avant-garde ecodesign" clothes and used bubble wrap, tea bags, packaging paper and other recycled items. Perhaps it's a member of the Tea Party? If there were a humor category, this would definitely win. I'm not sure how much sewing was actually done but I liked it.

Contestant 14 crafted a beautiful gown but it's not avant garde.

The contestants write little descriptions for each entry and I thought Contestant 4's statement was funny: " I googled Lady Ga Ga for photos of her and her fashions. It was all mind boggling to me. She hardly wears anything most of the time." 
Contestant 8 said,  " I have to say that this competition has encouraged me to explore my abilities, I've been doing things that I never thought I could do and for that I'm glad I entered."  I thought that was really great.

All the contestants who stuck it out whether they won or lost are to be congratulated for their efforts. We got to enjoy some stunning work! Bravo!



  1. Definitely agree that the Intermediate winner is the overall winner, for overwhelmingly gorgeous designs and following directionw with style and original flair. WHERE do you buy his couture?? Do you have a link? :)

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    1. Sorry, I don't understand your request.

  3. I don't begrudge anyone taking the first place but the whole divisions business was pretty hit and miss. I hope they can find a way to implement it better next time.
    Contestant 5 included an octopus to be eaten as an accessory. Not sure how I feel about that even if it is tongue in cheek.