Wilde Imagination's Lizettte Arrives

Wilde Imagination has announced the arrival of Ellowyne's new friend, Lizette. There is one basic doll and two dressed dolls.

The basic is a wigged doll, Essential Lizette, and sure to be very popular.  I like the wild wig look much better than the smooth one. It gives her character and works perfectly with her skin color. She's adorable! She is $119. and WI is offering free shipping until midnight January 31st.

This dressed doll is called A New Girl in Town. I like her hairstyle which is rooted. The rest of the outfit is odd and looks like something a waitress or a volunteer nurse would wear. Part of her back story is Lizette collects hats.
"Pretty Little Lizette" is shown here and I love her outfit! She is wigged (removable) and that's a good thing because I don't think this wig works for her at all. Both dressed dolls are $149.

I would love to see Lizette's ethnicity fully embraced with frizzy hair and all. I hope I'm not being politically incorrect but this is a dark skinned doll. She has AA features and I'd enjoy seeing WI run with that.  

Someone made an oopsie.


  1. Although not a big fan of this line, this sculpt is absolutely charming. Glad to see her added to the line.

    As for the oopsie pic- it's just not Tonner's week this week, is it???? ;) Maybe his next video will be shot in the lunch room in front of the microwave!!!

  2. @Steve:I didn't look too closely at the background of the video. What did they capture? I saw someone run by.

  3. Tonner forgot that iPads have a zoom feature. Apparently Marilyn Monroe is planned for the next Hollywood Diva. Behind RT was his schedule board with pics, and there she was!!! An alert Pregoite tracked down the picture, from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

    The video has since been pulled off Prego after much conversation and giggling, LOL!!! I wonder who Tonner calls on the carpet? Himself? Oopsie!!!!

  4. @Steve: I hope no harm was done because I'd love to see Marilyn Monroe done by Robert. Perhaps it still needs licensing and can't be revealed. How exciting. I did see that board but I didn't look closely enough.

    1. Now that Franklin Mint no longer does portrait dolls, me too!!

  5. I am sorry but being a Marilyn Monroe afficiando(sp)and quite the Marilyn Collector I sure as heck HOPE tonner does a BETTER job with Marilyn than the Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and Ava Gardner sculpts, Joan was OK but barely and Bette was off and Ava didnt even come close to looking like her, amoung MANY of the tonner celebrity sculpts which almost ALWAYS seem just slightly off, Tonner is VERY hit and miss with ALL of the celebrity sculpts, Dr Who line TERRIBLE, TORCHWOOD BAD, FIREFLY - AWFUL, and on and on and on with his Celebrity sculpting, The Twilight ones are a definent 50/50 hit and miss, The Clothing I will admit is almost always pretty GOOD, now if only his sculpts could IMPROVE then the celebrity lines he does might come off better but I DOUBT IT~