January - A Slippery Slope for Collectors

With IDEX and New York Toy Fair just around the corner, new doll lines are set to debut. Dealers and manufacturers are anxious to make room for the new products and the sales abound. Collectors are "winter cleaning" their collections and offering up some great stuff. What's a helpless collector to do?  Here's a rundown (read: admission) of my January activities so far:

FR16 Spring Kissed (nude) It hasn't arrived yet but my motivation was that I would use the body for an older Avantguard and sell this giant Poppy face.
FR2 Dominique Makeda Impossibly Beautiful. It was on sale for $50 less than the original retail. I wanted her body and outfit. Sadly, very few want her head so I will probably be stuck with it. Pictures follow.
Superfrock Testament Fashion - Second time around. I sold my first before I ever had Sybarite dolls.
Superdoll iBean sunglasses
Sybarite Blade pantsuit and miscellaneous accessories.
Superfrock Pet Carrier from Automatic
Ponytail wig from Cheryl Wood.
Two reroots and a custom jacket.
Monster High Cleo de Nile’s Vanity and a lot of Monster High Odds and Ends: Although these are adorable, I think this has cured me from buying any more MH stuff. What a waste!
W Club Memberships: We'll see. I did not order any of the upgrade dolls as I didn't care for them.
Perfectly Purple Poppy: This was a pre-order that was delayed for about 8 months.
Theatre de la Mode ROYALE #82: Another  delayed pre-order.
Tonner Deluxe Fashion Closet: A great bargain.
And then there are the dogs. Sigh. 

Meet Krypto.

 This is a Tonner product and was made to accompany his Superman figure from several years ago. Sadly he is stained from the red cape but I may have him painted eventually. Why did I buy this? I loved the original Superman comics and Krypto was such a great dog. January fever got me so Krypto moved in.
If that weren't enough...
Obitsu makes these jointed dogs and in a January mindset, $25. each seemed like a good idea. I bought a white one as well but I can't find it and it's not even out of it's box. Sigh, again.
No she's not a dog. Miami Glow Vanessa was the recipient of Dominique's body and fashion. I like the gown now. There were some problems with the product, however. The beautiful silk (?) gown was stitched to the box and even with ultra careful removal, thread holes remain. I even steamed the fabric to no avail. Sad. It's really a beautifully designed and carefully constructed garment. The body itself is the first FR2 body I have received that was wobbly. There is a huge space at the thigh joint which allows the legs to swing loosely. Going backward? My temporary fix is to put tape around the joint (not inside) to hold it. The seams on this body are not finished nicely. She's got stripes on her arms and neck and probably on her legs, too, where the seams are joined.  I don't know if I will seek a replacement body.

I was ill all week and I thought I'd feel better if I deboxed something. I am a deboxer but occasionally I will get a Mattel product and put it somewhere without opening it. Too bad I was able to find this one - the Grace Kelly Trousseau. This has to be one of the least attractive of all modern Mattel sculpts. Not only is it unattractive, they forgot the matte finish. 
The second outfit is a very nice navy sheath. Unfortunately the coat is not made properly. The empire seam which should be under the bust, hits almost at the largest part of the but. It was cut too short for a silkstone body. There is a big white hat but it never made it into the pictures. It's probably hiding with the white Obitsu dog somewhere.

Needless to say, deboxing this set did not make me feel better. 

Did you all have a good January (so far?)


  1. The Tonner sale killed me, but any buyer's remorse I had went right out the window when I got the giant box.

    I have lots of ramen in my future, though. When I wonder whether it was worth it, I'll just have to dig out the clothes, and think about how good they look.

  2. Just curious, what are you selling the Dominique head for? That is one of the most gorgeous dolls in the FR line.

  3. @Vanessa: Please go to my Show & Sell pages to see my listing for Dominique.

    Email me if you just want the head because I have her on a body right now.

    Thanks for your interest.


  4. I haven't been as bad as I would like! The Monster High dolls are all purchased by scalpers and I don't feel like paying a mark up + shipping for what is basically an "impulse instant gratification" purchase. I wanted to get the Basic Devon, but she sold out, as did the last "Riding Hood" Sybarites and here again I won't buy on the secondary since the prices at retail are already high enough. The whole chase thing has kind of turned me off dolls at the moment.


  5. @Laura: I know exactly what you mean. I think it's so funny that MH dolls are purchased by scalpers. They're such crappy dolls when you come down to it.

  6. *lol* to Laura =) I wish I would feel like that (turned off dolls), but I cen't seem to be able to. Maybe my switch is broken =)

    Terri, I think everyone had the same issue with the Impossibly Beautifull gown. It is sad indeed, because that dress is beautifull!

    I love Vanessa in FR2. The Marlb Dominiques are going to be delivered in 1 hours or so YAY!! (I should be working right now, but I seem to only be able to think in receiving that package *sigh*)

    January has been a crazy month for me aswell. And you SO know that *lol* The thing I am most anxious about though, is the OOAK Vanessa I got.

    I sold my Sweet Confection Poppy, only to buy another a few days later. I decided to give her a go with the FR2 Dominique body. I have seen some rebodied SC Poppies and they look great. Plus she has real eyelashes, as Bergdorf Poppy does, and I find that VERY hard to resist. My Bergdorf could use a best friend, since she is all alone in the collection. So Sweet Confection is coming. Again.

    I also got the Sound Advice complete outfits (the one from the 2006 Hi-Fi convention) I have been wanting those for quite sometime ^_^

    Broke but happy (and scared with the soon to be unveiled dolls! I hope I don't love too many)