Farrah Fawcett Doll

This long-awaited doll will be available on 7/1/2011 at the retail price of $34.95. It is a Black Label designed by Bill Greening.

Here is the descriptive text from BC.Com:

Her swimsuit was red, her smile was spectacular, and her hairstyle made history. Inspired by the best-selling 1976 poster, this fabulous Farrah Fawcett doll recreates each of the essential elements that caused an instant sensation. Permanently posed on a striped blanket inspired by the original, she features a brand new body mold, and a face sculpt that perfectly captures her blue eyes and fabulous hair. She's a wonderful tribute to the all American girl who became a star in bare feet and a bathing suit!

It's definitely a doll that should stay boxed. I was a fan of this actress but not of the doll.  I am looking forward to seeing it in person although these do look like production images. If any celebrity doll was ever a caricature, this one surely is.


  1. There's been a couple of people who have gotten this doll and shared some real life pictures, her head is huge, and I don't mean because her hair is so big. Her head is just much bigger than her body, either that or her body is too small for her head.
    And I wish they wouldn't tout her body as anything special. From what I've seen it's totally immovable, she more figurine than doll.

  2. @Aubrey: I agree with everything you've said. T

  3. As I posted a few days ago, Farrah worked hard to be respected as a serious actress. I highly doubt she would want to be immortalized in this way. I wonder who authorized this depiction. I saw a piece the other day about though she wrote Ryan O'Neal out of her will, he is exerting his considerable influence over its disposition. I wonder if her parents are still alive. Too bad.

  4. Well I just got my Farrah doll yesterday and like her a lot. Yes as packaged her hair is a total pasted down wreck so I had found a few tiny curlers and restyled her bangs and pulled out the stiff parts the company did and watched a few videos from youtube to perfect the rest of it.

    She is very limited in poseability as in unless you change her body she'll always be seated but I've managed to get her feet together and her arm down just a bit. She is looking excellent on my vintage barbie chair or wicker couch.

    Since this is not my page, I don't think I can post a photo of my results here. I want a second one someday to pop her head off for another mating toned body and restyle the hair on again.