De-Boxing Compulsion?

Last night I did something I seldom do (anymore) and that was to browse most of the listings under the category of Integrity Toys on eBay.  I was amazed at the quantity of older dolls that are being sold NRFB. How do people keep from deboxing beautiful dolls? I can understand keeping Barbie dolls in their boxes because they are boxed for display but not Fashion Royalty dolls.
Right now I have two dolls I'm not sure I can keep. One is a new Amelie and the other is the new Dynamite Aria. The deboxer voice keeps saying...go ahead...open one of them. The other voice says...you still have 9 pre-ordered dolls on the way; you don't need this.

How do you do it?


  1. I often do not debox, as I have no dedicated place to really display my dolls after opening. I would rather the majority remain pristine (NRFB), and if I really LOVE a particular doll and want to redress and photograph her, I will buy a second one nude on the secondary market.
    I also am very hesitant to debox Silkies, as something seems to happen to their hair with handling, becoming frizzy, fly-away and messy for me.

  2. I have felt that way many times, Terri. There have been dolls that I intended to sell because I thought I really don't know them or I needed some cash. But the complusion to de-box got to me several times.

    I don't know how collectors do it. I know some collectors buy 2 of the same doll but I have never done that ever.

    It is tough!


  3. I think many collectors are happy to display their dolls and don't have any desire to change the dolls or to photograph them. That's how I used to collect Barbie. Long ago I ran out of room and got rid of the boxes but I actually regret it, some of them really made the doll!!!


  4. @Laura: it seems that every time I debox a Barbie (not Silkies) I wind up thinking less of the doll. It's true that they often get messed up when removed from their prisons.

  5. Terri, don't tell me you are one of those collectors who debox a Barbie, have their way with her, then never call her back. LOL!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist that one:)


  6. @Miss Smitten: You crack me up.

  7. my question would be.. if you are not sure about the doll.. why do you keep it? dont you think that if you loved them they wld already have been deboxed? Then if you didnt debox them it indeed means that you are not so fond of them, then dont debox and sell them ! as you said , u have 9 other beauties coming !!!

    i think one likes to open boxes because it is like presents, and they look so perfect smelling like new being all new :) i hardly resist not opening my dolls boxes.. so i never sell them nrfb :)

  8. Keeping a doll in its box makes it only a display item. That's fine for some collectors but I've never understood the fun in buying an expensive doll for the purpose of never touching her^^


  9. I'm the opposite, I love to keep the packaging pristine, even though all dolls I buy are to keep and for my enjoyment and I have no intention to sell (unless later I find I need to weed out some I lost attachment too). I also have a big action figure collection, I opened a lot of them, my earliest ones I tossed the plastic bubble but kept the card, I have sold them on ebay opened with card & bubble, every few years I used to weed out any I don't love anymore.

    Even when I de-box I like to keep the box pristine. And I did when I was little but now I can never bear to mess up hairstyles.

    I'm new to the Tonner & Wilde Imagination priced dolls, but even some Barbies & Monster High girls I buy these days stay in the box a while to just look at when I walk by where I placed them. I don't have much room to display them as of now, also I know some people enjoy this part but I find it annoying getting all the tape, plastic stuff, and twist ties off to get the dolls out.

    My only dolls who had to be released the moment I got them instead of sitting a few weeks or more were my 2 Evangeline Ghastlys.

  10. @Debbie: Luckily, Evangeline and other Tonner dolls are relatively easy to remove from their boxes. Barbies are ridiculous with all the wire and ties and plastic straps. I do not enjoy deboxing that type of doll at all.

  11. I dont know if I should debox my barbies the packing on the barbie boxes are not acid free and the tape and ties they use is not that great eather.
    I have about 55 and am getting more all the time.
    Should I take them out of the box or not what to do that is the question

    1. Hi Hayley: No one can tell you what to do. You have to ask yourself why you are buying them. Are they just for decoration or do you want to play with them? Maybe both of those answers apply. Then you can debox some and leave the rest in their boxes. Good Luck and Happy Dolls!