More Runway Fashions Reinterpreted for Dolls

Michael Williams pointed out this resemblance earlier tonight.

Fall 2010 Runway Alexander McQueen
Mattel's Darya Barbie Doll 2011 FMC
According to the Barbie Collector site, this doll was designed by Robert Best. The 'resemblance' is unmistakable.


  1. Mattel frequently copies other designers and companies and calls the designs their own. Great catch about the Alexander McQueen outfit being put on a Barbie!

  2. That is clearly a total rip off of McQueen's design! I can't believe Mattel get away with this!

  3. Funny and a good catch, Terri..

    If somebody has a similar idea to Mattel's, they get them closed down, or they do their most to make life hell for them.

    Makes me wonder, where all of the original ideas are.

  4. And in a very good taste, too, stealing from deceased persons.

    See also Mme Sauce BĂ©arnaise.

    By the way, the first Barbie was a copy of the Bild Lilli. So there's some tradition in this regard at Mattel's.


  5. In addition, the dress from "Scarlet Woman Adele" that was released at the last FR convention is also "inspired" by the very same Alexander McQueen design, I think.

  6. I find it strange that Mattel cops flak from collectors for taking fashions from the runway for their dolls but Integrity do it quite a number of times but it is okay when they do it? At least that is what I am reading based on the comments.

  7. I don't collect FR so I am not aware of copying.

    I never thought Robert Best was anything special. I was going to buy Darya but forget it now, I'll be spending that with another doll company. Best should be ashamed of himself.