Mel Odom's Connection to Hayworth

In response to an email in which I asked Mel what his relationship is with Michel Hayworth he wrote:

Dear Terri,
I've known Michel over the years from telephone calls asking for technical advice regarding doll making.  I guess you could say I was an advisor/ friend.  We met once at a doll convention for 10 minutes.  When he sent me his doll I congratulated him on his accomplishment and posted a congratulations on my FaceBook page.  He said sales were slow and I suggested he send one to you for review.  That's pretty much it.  I know nothing about his business, just that I think Flavia charming.  I hope this helps.

While we're on the subject of Mel, I snatched this gorgeous portrait of him from his Facebook album. I think this is one of the best pictures of him I've ever seen. 
Mel has some wonderful images of his work on his Facebook page and you ought to have a look. Click on the picture and it will take you there.


  1. I like the background fading away so his head is the sole focus of the composition, but I can't say this is the best picture I've seen of him. Because I've seen alot of good pictures of him. However, in reviewing what you find as being your favorite images of people (like myself) you tend to like the documentary images that represent the people as they really are. So in that sense, I agree. This does convey him very well, but he is also very photogenic and we've both seen many fun images of him. I have to think that his own unique features are part of what he's drawing when he draws men. Because no one draws men the way he does.

    oh, and..



  2. @Uriah: LOL...yes, you are! I just love his kind eyes and the warmth I see in them in this photo. It's not a great picture by photographic standards but it's a great capture of a person.

  3. Great pic, and great answer from Mel. I think what Mel did was not only the best practice for a fellow doll maker, but kudos to Terri for going the distance on this one, and not backing off people who have questioned her integrity for blogging about Flavia and MC.