Updated Extravagance and Escapade Pictures

After yesterday's photo shoot, I sat down with the new stuff to figure out how I could rework things to make them wonderful. My favorite Monogram doll, LifeBall, was ready for a change. I put the suit on her and hunted through my stash for shoes, a handbag and jewelry. I think what I came up with is works with the suit. I put a pin through the top of the hat. I used one with a green head so it would show in the pictures. The pin is short and very slim and goes into the vinyl head without too much difficulty. I used the earrings that came with the set and a bracelet of black beads.

It was harder to make the dress on Extravagance look good so as a temporary measure, I put a stole over her shoulders. I suppose that is what the coat was for. :-(
I gave her a freshwater pearl choker which does not interfere with the fringe on the dress.  I wish I had a short white shrug instead of this gigantic stole. I wonder if there is a way to alter the dress to correct the poor fit.  Or maybe I need to make a shrug.


Some quick pics of Innoquii. She really looks her best without clothing!

..and Invisible Ink Ellowyne. She's kind of a big Ginny Doll with articulation. She's going to stay but I don't see more Ellowynes in my future. I would like some of her beautifully designed, fun fashions.  And, like I said before, I'm going to get her crazed cat.


  1. Ohh I like the dress on that doll Innoquii. It reminds me a Barbie from a long time ago..

  2. More pictures of Innoquii please! :)

  3. Extravagance is a beautifull monogram... I'm not very fond of her outfit though...

    Ellowyne seems terribly cute =)