Extravagance Monogram Doll; Escapade Fashion and Wig

I have had these two items for three days and have been sitting on this review for the same amount of time hoping that I would see something I didn't see at first and that my first impressions would change. It hasn't happened. I'm thinking: pretty but not without issues.
The suit is gorgeous. The fabric is a silky weave with a medium sheen that seems to have silver threads in amongst the off white and taupe. The jacket is wonderfully constructed with properly scaled buttons. Actual closures are hooks and eyes. But when the jacket is closed, the necklace won't lay flat on the doll. The necklace itself is awkward because if the component beads turn, getting them to all lay in the same direction is a nightmare. My necklace fell apart yesterday.
Jason has done a 180° turn from mini skirt to just below the knee with this one. I prefer somewhere in between and I wonder if the runway is showing skirts of this length. There is a bright lemon yellow shell under the jacket. The shoes with big red ribbon ties are awkward-looking. This girl is going to trip down the subway steps.

The handbag does not meet the design standards of prior FR handbags in any way. This bag could have come out of a Barbie collection.

This hat is a soft 60's Poor Boy cap style with an attached tulle veil. The promotional photos make it look beret-like but one has to pin the center down to get the roundness out of it. Does it not look navy blue in the Integrity photo? I wonder if it is because the coat from the Escapade set is navy blue. (Note: I just read that not only is the beret navy but the handbag is supposedly the same color. )
Promotional Image by Integrity Toys
It's a very large hat for a wig that looks better without anything on top of it. The hat will not stay on the wig as shown above without some type of pinning. In my picture at the top of the page, the Mini Avantguard who is wearing the hat is bald and the hat sits on her head nicely. Putting it on over that wig didn't look good.

Below is the Extravagance promo and my image side by side. In this case the promo pic is better than mine.  I was getting really fed up with these items by this time and it was not a fun photo shoot. I couldn't wait to get it over with.

The doll is lovely but her hair was a mess. She comes in a tri-color dress that would be fabulous if the shoulder/upper bust area fit properly.  The pattern needed to be altered to correct the fit. Not acceptable.  Designers wouldn't allow a model on the runway to wear a dress that fit like this. 

I absolutely love the shoes. The little clutch is cute but strange. 

The hat is a stiffened bowl shaped base with attached tulle and feathers. A big stitch that holds the tulle to the hat goes right through to the front of the hat. The jewelry is cute. It doesn't lay properly on the fringe of the dress' neckline, however.

And now, the question of the day is, "Why is this doll wearing a navy blue coat? Why does the promotional photo show the coat over her shoulders and not over the dress? Where is the belt in the promo picture?

And who shot JR?


  1. I'm really regretted for preordering this set(My dealer doesn't sell them separately). With such a high price, we except better quality! This is my first time purchasing FR Monogram but also last time. Such a disappointment!

  2. good review

    i'm sad now because i like the shoes. sad face. i wanted to not like anything.

  3. I split the outfit with a friend. I'm taking the wig, jewelry, and purse. I love the wig. The jewelry will work very well with other fashions. I'll just have to make sure it's securely together before putting in on a neck so I avoid the same fate as your necklace.

    The Monogram's hair is a disappointment.

  4. Actually - despite the imperfections I think she's quite pretty. This will be my first Monogram and I'm anxiously awaiting her arrival!

  5. @Anonymous #2
    I agree that she is pretty. I have many Monogram dolls because I love the sculpt. Here's hoping you love yours!

  6. I love your reviews.. and i am very worried about the issues.. I don´t like the fit on that blouse, and those shoes and purse.. are not a good match for the dress...

    Honestly i liked a lot Extravaganza doll and ended buying both the doll and the fashion, and now i liked more the fashion and "beret" more than the outif that extravaganza has.

  7. Hey Terri! I got my half today. The wig is really nice. I've been happy with the 12" wigs this year.

  8. I received my Extravagance today and I absolutely LOVE her! I think she looks just as beautiful as she does in the promo picture.