This Is Not the Miss Revlon Doll I Remember!

I am so bummed about the new Miss Revlon doll. I keep hoping that each time I look at her I will find something pretty about her face but it's not working. I wanted to adore this doll because I had a Little Miss Revlon doll as a child. I found these images on the web:This is what the fashion dolls of the 50's looked like. I thought she was truly something special. She wore high heels, had a developed chest, wore lipstick and jewelry! Her clothes were lovely. - Like Cissy dolls, an immature, baby face on a maturing body was the accepted style.

Beautiful vintage Miss Revlon dolls from the past were pictured in an article written by Robert Tonner for a special edition of Dolls Magazine and distributed to Tonner convention atttendees. Here is one of the pictures from that piece:This is the new doll. No matter which way I turned her head, it looked wrong.
There is something very 'off' about the sculpt. Her head is too large and she has no ankles. The vintage doll has a big head and big jaw but it works on her baby face. It does not work with this face in the least. I was hoping for a vintage reproduction doll that resembled the original in some way. Boy, was I mistaken. I think my doll may be defective due to the strange spots of black paint on her eyelids.

I pre-ordered her from a convention-goer who got to go to the event. She cost me more than $160. Ugh. What a waste of money.

And what's up with the scraggly, crunchy long hair?This is a WWTT moment. Maybe it was a mistake and too late for the factory to change it. One can hope that the future releases are 100% better. If not, there won't be another one in this house. I'm not even sure what to do with this one.

Bring Tiny Kitty back. That's another story.

An amazing website about Miss Revlon and Little Miss Revlon dolls is here:


  1. Wow, what a disappointment. So sorry, Terri :( Geez, I don't blame you, though. The new girl's kinda zombielike. And the head is... weird. Maybe it is defective? It's looks misshapen. And she's sportin that 80's wet look with her hair. Ick. Wasting $160 on her totally bites!

    I've tried to replace some of the dolls I had growing up, but it just doesn't feel the same. I guess sometimes you just can't go home again, ya know?

  2. Kind of reminds me of a Joe Tai doll. Probably in the eyes, I'm so sorry you're so disappointed. I highly think that TK should come back, perhaps in this 13" size, that is, if they can make the cankles go away. Hugs.

  3. I don't mind her.. although her lazy eye.. or is it straying to look to be sold? LOL .. throws me off. It's the eye on the left, facing us. Her eye paint looks a little off. I'd be redoing it.

    I see a Tyler/Sydney combo head shape in this doll. This type of hairstyle always puts me off about some Tonner dolls. Just having long hair for long hair's sake always puts me off, on any doll.

    Dolls with round hairlines never really do anything for me, either... I like defined hairstyles. Give me a widows peak anyday. :)
    It makes me feel like I paid for something. LOL.

    Still kind of interesting though... thanks for posting her.
    You are correct Ms. Gold.. $160 is too much.

  4. Laura (in St. Louis)5/31/10, 3:39 AM

    We were discussing her on the Revlon yahoo group that I run. A few of us felt she was generic Tonner looking and not anything special. I really don't care for her after seeing the close-up pics, her face is rather pinched.

  5. I think its her long squarish head shape combined with an almost lantern jaw and bulgy but low forehead and hairline.Its very masculine and kinda gives her a homely horseface.Must have been dissapointing to open the box!

  6. I didn't think Tonner would create a true vintage reproduction, especially not one based on the original Ideal dolls. Revlon dolls were a reflection of the style and fashions of their era, and perhaps the license granting powers-that-be wanted these new dolls to reflect current styles, which by Tonner standards means three years ago. Nice...but nothing special.

  7. I agree. Her face looks like the "Sean" Tonner doll mold with make-up. Strange doll.

  8. You probably have learned this by now - but Robert Tonner designed two dolls that were called "Revlons." The one you have is the 13" modernized version. He also produced a 10" doll that looks very much like the Ideal Little Miss Revlon! I bought "Frosted Pink." She is a light blonde wearing a beautiful navy taffeta dress trimmed in pink. At first, I think this dress was a new design, but saw online that the larger Miss Revlons were sold in this dress. You may find the smaller Tonner Revlon doll more to your liking - I did!!

  9. I still have my Ms. Revelon l8 inch and her original outfit. They don't make dolls like this anymore. I am making her a nice wardrobe and then I will pass her on to my granddaughter.