Gene's Final Curtain Call ~ Part III ~ More Favorite Gene Photographs

Rogue Rose wearing rhinestone bra and panties from a Metrodolls event.

Essentially Gene "Vixen" (Hair restyled by Jim Gaddis)

Essentially Gene "Blush" (Hair restyled by Jim Gaddis) Wearing Tonner

"Heavenly" Gene wearing "A Woman of Means" Fashion

"Distant Venus" wearing Madame Alexander

Wearing Tonner's Swept Away

"Star Entrance" wearing Incognito

"Suited for Fur" Gene wearing "Hello Portland, Hello"

"Blush" wearing "Rondelet" Fashion

Above are a few more of my favorite photos I have taken of Gene in the short period of time I collected her. I have more but not now. :-)
I wanted to finish up this homage to Gene because I still have a bunch of stuff to do before leaving for Pennsylvania on Wednesday. I'm combining my trip with a visit to much loved cousins who live 1 hour from Philadelphia. Staying there overnight on Wednesday will enable me to arrive at the hotel early Thursday having traveled only a short distance.

Thanks to all who commented on the doll boards about my Gene posts. I will see you soon!


  1. Hello Terri,
    I'm an Italian doll collector...this is the first time I leave a comment on your always interesting blog, and I hope you'll apologize my bad English! Compliments for your collection, photos, and useful and interesting reviews. Yous Gene dolls collection is amazing, I only have one of these dolls but I love their style!


  2. @ Giovanna:
    Please feel welcome to post anytime! I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

  3. Gene in the Tonner outfit 'Swept away'.....sooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!! One of your best photos ever!!!!
    So Hollywood!