If I were a Barbie collector, I'd buy...

There are quite a few adorable or unique-looking Barbie dolls for 2010 that I enjoy looking at. Just for fun, I am going to post their pictures here.

I love the architectural prints on the gowns and the dolls are very pretty. There is a third in this series.

The Statue of Liberty is not architectural like the others. The pointy crown on her head? We've seen it before and she has that eternally smiling Barbie face that I don't like. Imagine the real Statue of Liberty with a smile. Scary. The draping of the dress and the pleated bottom are lovely details.

Joan Holloway from the Madmen Collection

I may actually order this doll as the fashion and hair are very appealing. The other female in this grouping reminds me too much of Market Day.

There is no way I would ever spend $159.95 on a Silkstone Gold Label doll....or any color label for that matter. She is beautiful and I love the fashion and her skin tone. I will just enjoy her picture.

Although these have been out for a little while, I still like to look at their pictures and imagine having them. Do you do that?My Favorite Career Vintage Reproduction Astronaut Doll

My Favorite Career Pan Am Stewardess

My Favorite Fashion Queen

I love wigs. This one would be so much fun to play with.
Well I'm glad I got that out of my system.
On another topic, I was confirmed for all my Fashion Royalty/Integrity Toys pre-orders. I caved on the Monogram called Dreamscape. I don't know what I will do with her gown but she is lovely otherwise. I'm getting Monograms Enigmatic and Incandescent, Fashion Royalty Jordan and Eugenia, NuFace Colette and Lillith, and Temptation Vanessa. I couldn't pass up Beatnik Blues Poppy Parker or her giftset. It's only March and I already have begun to feel overwhelmed with dolls. I forgot to add the two-doll event giftset, the joining-the-W-Club-dolls, my Tonner pre-orders and the Brides of Dracula dolls. Endless.

I need to post a list of my pre-orders right above my monitor to remind myself about what is coming.
There's this weird thing that happens...in between ordering and getting dolls one forgets that one actually has a million dolls. What is that sickness called? Perhaps it's in the DSM-IV.


  1. the big ben doll makes me think of "the biological clock" because the rest of the tower isn't really represented AND she has a clock right over her belly

    get it for someone you want to nag about making more people...

    i feel the same way about looking at the pictures being enough sometimes

    i hope the Paris Festival doll is not a color variation on the eiffel tower doll...that would be LAAAAME
    if you really don't like the dreamscape gown when it arrives, LMK....i went back and forth on it before giving up the pre-order process in disgust

  2. The Eiffel Tower and Big Ben dolls look cool, I'd love to haqve them too - the gowns more than the dolls.

    You did get Vanessa after all!

  3. I think I'll spring for the Fashion Queen in order to get a decent looking outfit for my vintage FQ! I don't expect the wigs to be the quality of the vintage wigs, but they shouldn't be too bad.
    Mattel has said there'd be an additional outfit w/this doll...but no name as of yet. Any word, Terri?

  4. The Fashion Queen and the whole Vintage Career Series are on the Top of my list....