2010 Integrity Toys Debut Line of Dolls PART 2

The Poppy Parker line shows the talent of David Buttry. They are delightful.

Coney Island Saturday $80.
Beatnik Blues $119.00

The Look of Love $135.

She's Arrived: Giftset $165.

A Night to Remember - Fashion Only $65.Sealed With A Kiss - Fashion Only $65.
If I didn't already have a large Tiny Kitty and Cissette collection, I might collect the Dynamite Girls. Their clothes and shoes do fit my smaller dolls though. They are adorable.

The Dynamite Girls $40.
These dolls provide the collector with plenty of bang for the buck. They're articulated, rooted and the outfits are very cute. Reese, the AA is a new sculpt. I like her fashion best of all.

From left to right they are Rufus Blue, Reese, Sooki and Gavin.
They have come a VERY long way from their introduction. Remember these?
Last is the ITBE group. There are five of them at $25. each. They are Integrity's playline dolls. I see that they're not being touted as "entry level collectibles" anymore. Their names, from left to right are Desirable, Luscious, Complicated, Romantic and Confident.


  1. The new DG's are so different that they may have well introduce them as new characters. They are also young-ish looking in comparison.

    I agree that Reese fashion is the best.

  2. Where are the rest of the girls? They're only doing four?? That's odd. Also, I really dislike Sooki as a blond. Great outfits though!