DOTY Award Winner - Tonner's Vivacious Antoinette

I really didn't need another Antoinette doll; I just wanted her fashion. But a dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse and here she is.The description on the Tonner site says, "capacious organza tiered gown with radiant beaded accent and sleek opera gloves. Matching beaded earrings, pantyhose and faux leather high-heeled shoes."

The gown goes on like a coat with interior snaps for closure. It is fairly unstructured and the possibilities for fitting other dolls is excellent. Gloves are well-fitted mittens. They're all like that. I liked Tonner's use of more sheer fabric for other gloves he's designed. These aren't bad but they could be more defined with a lighter material. The earrings are a style-less cluster of mediocre beads sewn together with black thread. Tonner's jewelry is rarely worth a second glance. The shoes are well designed and fit nicely.

Let's talk about her hair, shall we? The promotional picture shows a spritz of bangs in the center of her forehead. For that reason alone I was surprised that she won a DOTY. Using a silicone wig spray I was able to style the bangs in a more pleasing fashion. The bangs get my WWTT award.
Now I have another beautiful doll in another gorgeous gown that will be probably be selling for half the retail price in a few months.
Cami had a little photo shoot today. She is wearing my reworked convention Antoinette gown and jewelry by Joy.

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