Preview 2010 Tonner's Antoinette Doll

A few Antoinette and other items were sneaked by the Tonner Doll Co. yesterday. What do you think?

The first three are dressed dolls and the fourth is an outfit and the last is a white mannequin with raven hair.
Dressed Dolls: Tranquil $189.99

Wanton $144.99

Organic $189.99

Intoxicating $99.99

Alabaster Mannequin with jet hair. $49.99

Don't forget, your favorite dealer may be one who discounts off retail. Those dealers are the ones to be sold out first.
Check around for your best price.
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1 comment:

  1. Unimpressed with what We've been shown so far, Antoinette went from being a Muse, young fresh, edgy to being totally vintage and sort fo retro inspired, Tonner brings all of his lines to the same point of inspiration.”Vintage” (what’s the difference between any of his doll lines? Absolulty nothing, they are all Vintage inspired so why bother with one more just to throw a different body type in?
    ...I want to like Antoinette and I did like some of the very first ones just not their prices, but vintage (business suits and gloves. dark red lips...fur trimmed coats and little black dresses... have been done so many times that I simply can't find anything new in them. And the prices are INSANE…..$99 for an outfit that you are bound to find on sale soon enough for 49.99!!..I think Robert Tonner needs to come down to reality and bring the prices DOWN or the AG are going to totally steal his thunder if they haven’t already.