Osvaldo Vasquez, Dolly Dress Designer

Twice a year, Osvaldo Vasquez, aka Ovaz, debuts a new line of breathtaking gowns for 1/6 scale dolls. His creations are, for the most part, not for the faint-of-heart. Sequins, beads, lace, skin tight and sheer fabrics are his palette. Here are two from his latest collection. I want them!

Photos above by Ovaz

I interviewed Ovaz a few days ago. Here are the questions and his answers:

1. How you make the dresses?
All my dresses start in a scrap of paper. Sometimes I see a couple of dresses in a store and I vision a couple if each dress details into One design. That's how the process start..then the selection of the fabrics .. Living in NY that's very easy. lol
But one of the most important thing during the fabric selection is the size of the sequins and crystals.. They have to be at the scale of the doll..so it look natural...I don't create Doll clothes. I create woman clothes for a doll.I think that's what I want to accomplish .

2. What types of fabrics are used? Where do you buy your fabrics?
I use alot of different fabric... Chiffon,strecth, anything with sequins.
Most from NYC stores... I even sometimes go to macys or bloomingdale to the clearance racks and buy gowns just for the fabrics..

3. How long you've been doing this?
I been designing for about 15 years

4. How long does it take to make most dresses?
It take me about 3 days to finish a dress with alot of sequins..(beaded by hand,no glue. With the glue technique about 1 day.. But when it come to a whole collection it take me about 3 months to complete the collection

5. How many collections per year you make?
I try to do 2 regular collections (fashion shows) and 1 Holiday collection

6. Do you do OOAK commissions?
Sometimes I do commissions, but not a lot. It's hard for me to follow direction or visions of somebody else.. Lol

7. What is your art background or your background in general?
My background has nothing to do with Fashion.. My background is in the travel & Hotel industry ..all this started when I wanted to come to the USA to study... I needed 3 credits to graduate from High School before the regular end of school year and the only class available was sewing 24 student and I was the only guy. But I learned the basis of sewing.. And look now...

8. What dolls do you collect?
Fashion Royalty - but not all of them because sooner or later they end up in somebody's home with one of my designs. The only dolls I love are my repaints by Pink Man. They love it when I dress them, but they don't leave my house....lol

9. What designers do you admire - real or doll sized?
Hmm...I love Bob Mackie and Versace, also Valentino. Fellow artist I admire are Pink Man, Gin-O, Tula, Randall C., Matisse. And when it come to blog or Photo if the week....You, Terri.

I have several Ovaz gowns in my own collection and the girls are always fighting over them. Here are some of them. One can never have enough Ovaz!

If you would like to see more of Ovaz' work, here is the link to his website: www.ovazdesigns.com

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