Mini Genes: Blue Caprice and Red Desire

Blue Caprice is as close to perfect as any Integrity doll I've ever purchased. In these pictures she is standing without support. I snipped a few stray hairs and threads and that's it. Whatever they told the workers to do should be reinforced. The quality is excellent. It's very difficult to serge chiffon but it was done successfully without the edge being excessively perforated. Her hair could have been a gelled nightmare like we've seen for the past year but it's curled carefully and there's barely any visible fixative. What happened? Did she come out of a different factory? Hello! Is anyone at Integrity reading this? Please keep it up. OK...there's one thing - the earrings are overscaled. But I'll take that any day. I love this doll.

Red Desire is another well executed doll. Luckily the design of the original gown was made into a comprehensible whole as opposed to the odd styling of the original. Red has a sad look on her face that didn't show up in the promotional photos. She seems to be pleading for something. Her beautiful mahogany colored hair was done very well. The gown is made nicely except for the closure as you can see in the third picture below. I do not like papery flowers on my doll clothes but they're on the original so there was a reason for them to be there. The feather boa wrap doesn't shed as much as it might. Just shake it out after removing it from the box. The earrings are the same over-sized ones only these have red rhinestones.
I adore her tiny red shoes. I've been told that she has the Misaki size body with fashion feet (as opposed to articulated ankles.)

Isn't the photo of the comparison scary? Gene looks like an Amazon. The shoes shown on the Gene body did not come with the original dress but the scrunchy thing around her shoulders did.
I can't wait to get the third Mini Gene, Midnight Lace. I hope she's as well made as these two gals.
Attention to detail is one of the most important things in my evaluation of a doll. These two score very, very high in that department.


  1. They both look gorgeous in their own way... now I'm even more undecided to which one to get!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful, I'm starting to want them and I don't collect that size!

  3. Thanks for the photos - excellent job as always. I think the auburn haired beauty is my favorite.

  4. Terri, your photos of these exquisite dolls are themselves exquisite. I completely agree--the attention to detail and the workmanship are outstanding ... I would be weeping if I hadn't secured the three! xo, Susan K.

  5. Your photos do nothing but bring out the beauty of these dolls!I just got mine and can't wait to get them out of the box. How about a review on what other clothes would fit their body since I know we can't plan on any specifically made for her from IT.That would be a great and informative blog!

  6. @Michelle in MI: Is that you Michelle? I've been told that Poppy Parker clothes will fit as their body is the same except for the feet. I'm not redressing mine yet. I want to enjoy them exactly as they are for a while. Thanks for your post!

  7. omg omg I've just ordered Blue Caprice

    *does happy dance*