Review ~ Wu Iconic Convention ~ Part II

This post is Part II of my review. See below for Part I.

At first I thought the fabric was reminiscent of Tatyana's giftset or the handbag from the 2008 2nd Club Doll Accessory Pack. So it's a red sheath with black side panels over which black lace is applied. There is beading over the black panels. Accessorized by black stud earrings and the train case I mentioned in Part I. I don't see where this fits in with the collection but I like it.
I'm not a fan of short boots and cocktail dresses and I will change them to pumps. The dress is very well made. My model is Buena Sera Kyori who was rerooted by Uriah.
The pin and bracelet were added by me.

Apparently Dania is the "it" girl of the convention. The prices that some are paying on eBay are unbelievable. She is definitely "torch-song-piano-bar" in appearance. Dania exudes old Hollywood glamour with her wavy platinum blonde hair, full red lips and form-fitting black strapless gown. (I removed the bow after this photo shoot.) Her jewelry is clear and pink rhinestones. Her shoes are black and pink and they do fit!

An explanation of how centerpieces are acquired: Everyone at the table of ten gets a number from 1 to 10. The host or hostess is number 1. At each meal event 2 or 3 numbers are randomly chosen. Those chosen have the right to purchase the centerpiece at that meal. By the end of the convention, everyone's number has been called including that of the table host. In addition, the table host is gifted with a particular centerpiece. This is the way it's been done for the past two years.


  1. She looks absolutely amazing! I love her face Aand the platinum blonde hair.

  2. She is probably the best FR that I have seen in these 2-3 years!