Review ~ Wu Iconic Convention ~ Part I

I was lucky enough to have had a surrogate attend the convention in my place and also purchase the entire collection for me. In addition, one of the the centerpiece dolls, Dania, now resides in my home. My review will cover only the Fashion Royalty dolls. I will not be reviewing the Poppy Parker, the Mini AG or the ITBE doll.
By all accounts this was the best convention ever! The reports about the food, the accommodations, the coordination of events, the staff and the dolls were excellent. It's worth mentioning that the only negative remarks are coming from those who did not go.
It would appear that the pretty but unnecessary excesses of past conventions were turned into dolls. The convention had a flat fee of $350 for those staying at the hotel. For that fee attendees got four seated meal events with souvenirs and all the workshops! Compared to last year, that was a fantastic price. This year, besides the predictable playline doll, everyone got a Poppy Parker doll, a Natalia giftset AND a fantastic new character as the convention doll. WOW!
Integrity made some excellent business decisions with this convention. After a year of bad economic news that affected almost everyone this was a great thing for them to do and may bring many "old timers" back into the fold.
The other, and to me more significant aspect of this event was the designing of the dolls. Again, after a year of somewhat disappointing Fashion Royalty dolls, these gals had Jason's inimitable style all over them. Welcome back, Jason. Please don't leave us again.

'BLUE BLOOD' ELISE JOLIE - The Saturday night event souvenir doll.
I absolutely love this doll. Her new sculpt is haughty. Her upper lip curls into a sneer. It makes me laugh. Her hair is in a neat, partially braided updo, which I prefer to long, unmanageable curls.
The suit is a perfectly tailored work of miniature art with it's puffed and draped shoulders, stand collar, and peplum detail. The fabric has a woven design that provides more texture and sparkle. The skirt is above the knee. The patterned, beaded stockings make their second appearance this year. Her faux suede shoes required patience and manual dexterity to put on and get buckled but they fit well. They have a peachy beige lining.
Jewelry consists of jet black rhinestone stud earrings and a tie-on necklace of assorted sized, mostly black glass beads.
The luggage is a wonderfully detailed rolling suitcase which matches the small train case that comes with Successful Ascension.

This is the 19th Vanessa (yes, I keep track) and the first truly beautiful one in a while. Her hair is up in a double chignon. Bangs are tough to pull off on a rooted doll. You really need a wig for bangs to look right. There is enough gel on these bangs to make them archival. Luckily there are no net marks but it's not my favorite look for Vanessa. This is the only Vanessa with bangs. I guess it was time.
Her face is perfection. I love the pastel eyeshadow and the pale lips. The chunky over-scaled pewter-look jewelry makes an appearance again in the form of earrings on this doll and also on Eugenia's dress as embellishments as you will see further on in the review.
I had a problem with the shoes. They are too large. Even after I secured them with elastics, they kept turning to the side - this way or that - and were completely unwearable. I substituted simple pink pumps. It's sad because they are very cute with their faux snakeskin straps. I could have used sticky dots to attach them to her feet but they have a fabric lining and I didn't feel like doing that at this time.
The gown is another wonderful design with it's low cut bodice, skinny belt and flowing pink embellished lace-like skirt. The drape of the skirt is perfection. I switched one of Vanessa's hands to the gnarled version so she could clutch her clutch.

Similar elements in the outfits of Eugenia, Vanessa and Elise Jolie are indicators of a truly well-designed collection. The lining of Eugenia's stole is the same color as Vanessa's skirt. The lining of Elise's shoes are the same fabric as Vanessa's bodice. Vanessa's earrings are the same material as the embellishments on Eugenia's dress. Elise could easily wear the tulle hat. Unfortunately no one can wear Eugenia's gorgeous shoes if they are wearing hosiery. They are too narrow. Another collector told me that he stretched his with pliers. I may try that. In the meanwhile I substituted another pair of pumps.
Eugenia is wearing a very short black silk sheath with wonderful pieces of rhinestone in metal shapes sewn on to the upper bodice at the shoulders. Her tulle hat has a loop that could be used to veil her eyes but I chose to put that at the back. My stole has it's lining sewn in at an off angle leaving excess lining showing and a skewed label. Easy to fix but this is an example of quality control asleep at the wheel.
Earrings are black studs. Her hatbox is covered in a wonderful geometric woven fabric. It's a delightful addition to a beautiful outfit.


  1. Really Good review.. I agree this is one of the most beautiful and attractive vanessas of all the time.. Seeing others dolls from the past.. i think they using the same technique for the iris (eyes) they use to do on some Veroniques from the past.. I do not own any old doll so i am figuring out that from photos..

    I love the details u always pointed out on shoes construction and wearing..

    Honestly i don´t know what to think on Elise.. She reminds me a lot to this girl that appears on a superman 1st movie... probably is the goth style makeup and the way the eyes are drawn..

  2. What a wonderful review on the each doll with great description. I wish that I could write like you, Terri! I have actually stopped enjoying FR for a long time now. But your great pictures have stopped me here and read.

    I really like Blue Blood's stocking, shoes and her luggage, if you ever sell them, please let me know.

    Meanwhile, the beauty of Lux Life Vanessa is probably, as you said, the best of all lately released Van. There hardly any raven Van in my memory. The only raven hair is ALF? This Van is chic!

    I am not a fan of Eugenia but your picture of Diamond Society makes me wanted her too. She looks so soft and graceful. It is a great modification of Silver Society Veronique!

  3. @Cliff
    Thanks so much for your comments.