A Little Dose of Antoinette

It's been a hectic week with deadlines, appliance repairs and constant rainstorms. I have never experienced so much rain so many days in a row in my life. This has to be some kind of record and as the weather gets more and more erratic and extreme, I fear that the climate is beyond repair.
And now for some lighter fare...here are two of my lovelies. On the left we have Treasured Antoinette in her convention gown which has been altered. I removed the three rows of fringe and the entire bottom tier in order to create a simple cocktail dress. Her shoulder bows were trashed as well. I took a few stitches in the bodice to define the bust area. I had thoughts of creating a shrug from the remaining fabric but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I'm going to have to get directions.
Ms. Treasured is standing next to Idyllic Antoinette. I've removed all the tchotchkes from her hair. It was no easy job. The thread holding the flowers and the topknot in place was actually rooted! I was worried about what I'd find under all that but her hair is rooted nicely and evenly. I boiled it to straighten it out and trimmed it evenly. I will probably trim it even shorter. She is wearing the fashion entitled "Influential." I have replaced the multi-strand of beads with which the outfit came because they did not lay right and looked very messy. The jewelry she's now wearing is from a Fashion Royalty outfit. I may replace the black tights with black stockings and take off the semi-sheer black top. The dress itself is covered in micro sequins and will be lovely as a cocktail dress.

So far I am quite pleased with this line. I do have a problem with the stands but all of Tonner's stands suck pretty much so nothing is new.
I'm still waiting for two more fashions and I desperately want to order Hypnotic. The fashions I'm expecting are Brilliant and Posh. They've gone past their expected arrival date.

Amid all the fabulous fashions and pretty dolls, there is one thing I don't understand. How did they let this outfit out of the gate? Someone dropped the ball on these pants. If the price drops low, I will buy it and turn the pants into a skirt. The jacket and the bag are pretty and it looks like there's a nice tank top under there.

This image is the property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Lovely as always, Terri.

    I have been eyeballing that little black cocktail dress.

    I am getting the Blank Faced "Manniquin" doll.. I sort of see it as a "Build-A--Bear"? .. Antoinette Style. Maybe "Build-An-Antionette"? I can't wait to paint her ansd style her hair.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for your comments, James. I appreciate the time you take to post. I am looking forward to seeing what you and other people do with the mannequins. I think it is so unusual that Robert did that. It's a brilliant marketing move!