FR Monogram Collection - #2 Doll "Statuesque"

The model on the right is wearing Jason Wu and so is the doll on the left. She is the second entry in the new Fashion Royalty Monogram Collection which is intended to showcase select works from Jason's fashion runway.
A limited number of dolls were made available to the public at Colette, a Parisian boutique, and online on their web site. They are sold  out now but members of the W Club may have a chance to obtain one at a future date.
In this picture she looks like Valia but in other pictures I've seen, she has a strong resemblance to the Avantguard doll, Goldmine.

The image below is from the website.

The retail price of this beautiful doll is (was) approximately $250. without VAT, depending upon the exchange rates of the moment. Shipping to the US would have brought the price up to about $300. I had her in the shopping cart and at the last minute I controlled myself. I would like to have her though. I like her much better than Lifeball.

This is what is says on her box:
Desc: Exclusive au magasin Colette, Paris
FR: Monogram par Jason Wu New York
# 93010


  1. I want her badly! wish I could have gotten Life Ball too, I will try someday, I kinda hate the gown but being a completist of what i have I have to have her nrfb, same will go for this gal.

  2. Juan:
    I agree about the shoes on Statuesque - they do complement the outfit.

  3. What is it with Jason Wu and all the white?! And all these neutrals he insists on putting the dolls in? Invariably any doll I like is presented in white or neutral. Thank God, he put the new Kyori in blue!

    Fran in NYC

  4. I actually love the neutrals and feel uncomfortable with strong colours so its good news to me. Besides, there is much improvement in the shoes department of this doll. No gummy shoes anymore!

  5. Hi I am Andreas,
    how can I get Statuesque?

  6. @Andreas:
    Contact Integrity Toys at: www.integritytoys.com/page/contact/corporate