Deconstruction Sight Eugenia 2009 W Club Doll #1

Eugenia has a gorgeous sculpt. This doll is beautiful. The makeup is just right. The hair, although rock hard, works for her.
The dress is pretty. I see a very similar shape to the fashion worn by Statuesque, the Colette exclusive doll. The dark stripe down the front of the bodice, from a distance, presents the same color scheme as the white jacket over the black dress. Perhaps this is the RTW version? ;-)
The jewelry is heavy and although I like it, I think it would look better with something else. Note the large metal neckpiece on Jason's runway model in the previous post!
The shoes had to go. I'm not a fan of the heavy shoe, strappy gladiator look with a light feminine dress. Again, the same profile as Statuesque is seen here. It draws the eye to the foot and artistically that makes no sense IMO. I couldn't bear to take a serious photograph of her with these shoes and the black painted hands. It spoke costume, not fashion.
The problem with back of the shoe not allowing the leg to be straight is a serious issue because it has been happening over and over again for a year and is not being addressed. In this case it's a combination of a heel that is too high and incorrectly shaped back of ankle area.

If you love Eugenia, this doll is a must have. Because it was a club doll, it is not available from regular dealers unless they are selling it as an aftermarket item.

Do you see any stylistic similarity?

Image Property of Integrity Toys


  1. Love the doll, the hair, the shoes.. and yes even the painted on gloves.. but the jewelry is pretty heavy.
    It sort of looks like someone has been bedazzled to death. ;)

    Lovely photos with an honest report.
    Thanks Terri!

  2. I must say I love the fashion and in the case of Statuesque the heels go for her! would live to see them up close! I love this doll! and hope we can get our hands on one once they become available to W Club Members!

  3. Wow, I love your reviews.. This dolls has a uniqueness in her style, her makeup is heavy and clean, so her hairstyle is just perfect. But i will love her with long hair.. Having so many dolls needing a reroot, i just prefer long haired dolls..

    But this doll attracts me a lot!!! About the shoes, yes, they are pretty heavy.. I prefer golden strappy shoes on her..

  4. Mine is scheduled for delivery today. I love her short hair; that was the real selling point to me, more than the outfit. I didn't need another short, full-skirted white dress. But I liked her face & hair and it's EUGENIA, after all!

    Fran in NYC

  5. I love the shoes. I hate I missed the pair you had for sell.

  6. I would have loved to get my hands on those shoes too! Even though they make no sense with this outfit they would be lovely with others. I actually have a huge thing for bulky shoes. ;)

    Thanks for a great review!

  7. I do see some resemble, both ou are outfits are exquisite. I would buy them both lolllll.