Couture Noir Cissy Doll by Madame Alexander

This is definitely a change for me. Couture Noir is 22" tall! She's a big girl. When I carry her it brings me back to the feeling of carrying a doll when I was a child. I like it.
She was my Mothers' Day gift from my dh.
She came in a huge box, inside another box inside her Madame Alexander box. I didn't expect to see CN wearing her alternate wig because the promotional photos show her in her red feather wig. She looks softer and friendlier than the promo photos. In addition to a second wig she also comes with a mini skirt. The neckpiece was a trial of my patience to get on properly.
The only complaint I have about the construction of the doll is that the heels of the boots are too high. Perhaps they're making them in the same factory as the boots belonging to the Fashion Royalty dolls. She cannot stand flat on the sole of the boot. I really hate that. I also noticed something else odd. Her right eye socket seems larger than the left. I think it shows up in the photos.
The dealer posted on the site that the doll might possibly be stained. She has some staining on her scalp from the wig and around the tops of her thighs from her stockings. These stains don't intefere with the doll's appearance at all but they might lower the resale value ultimately. I'm not going to worry about that at this time.
The coolest thing is that the red wig is actually feathers! The patent leather looking fabric is a very flexible vinyl with a nice feel. I am very pleased with the fashion.
Now all I have to do is figure out how I am going to display her because she is too large for any of my showcases.

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