Goldmine: The More I See You; The More I Love You.

Here are two shots from Goldmine's latest photo session. She looks fabulous in the photos but I have to say that she looks even more beautiful in person. This has to be my most beautiful doll (this month anyway.)
She is wearing an Ashton Drake Gene outfit called "Will You Marry Me?" The shoes are from another set.
I'm thrilled that the AvantGuard dolls can wear and look fabulous in most of Gene's fashions, old and new. The period dresses sometimes look a little dowdy but the rest are very flattering.


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  1. Fantastic shots, as always Terri! I am in the process of closing a friends Goldmine mouth. (what!)
    She didn't like the dolls teeth.. she felt I.T. didn't get the teeth done correctly. So she sent her to my 'beauty shop' for a bit of a makeover. I am filling in the teeth with appoxy, and then painting.
    She is also getting new brows, and a new lip colour.
    I, like you, love some of the Ashton Drake - Gene clothing. Some are just right for the dolls.
    Thanks for posting your pictures!