Nadja "The Illusionist"

Her story card says her full name is Nadja Rhymes; Age 19; Height 5' 11"; Chest 30"; Waist 26; Shoe 7.
Position: Freelance Model; Location: Los Angeles.
In this incarnation I'd like to think of her as an African princess. I love the fashion, her hair and her jewelry.

I wish Integrity could come up with a better matte finish for her skin which shows every tiny defect and seam in an extremely exaggerated fashion due to the color of the vinyl. At this price, it's a good idea to make the doll as perfect as possible. The other issue which still irks me is the way the heels of the boots are too high for the doll to stand correctly. I'm definitely going to write to Integrity on this one because it's been going on too long.
The hefty price of $169.99 plus shipping ($12.10) directly from Integrity Toys may have kept quite a few collectors from purchasing this doll. Although I don't collect Nadja, I couldn't pass up this unique one.
My recommendations: if you love Nadja, you are probably getting one anyway. I think the price of this one might come down as there are 500 of them and many are being more careful with their dolly dollars these days. There are already four of them listed on eBay that are very close to retail price. In fact it looks to me like two of the sellers will not make a dime and one will even lose money on the sale.


  1. OMG, she really stand out!!! Love her make up! and her boots.. Her hair looks very cool too. Too bad she was made for display purposes (the way her hair is done) because she looks so amazingly beautiful.

    I am not sure about the dress, yet...

    The photos, the posing and the setting are perfect!!!

  2. I love Nadja and I will redress this one the same as I do all of my FR dolls. I am still hoping to find a way to take some height off that updo. If not she will remian very high fashion and will have to be dressed accordingly. I am hoping to get at least one more below retail.

  3. What a gorgeous doll--and as usual, simply amazing photos, Teri. I find her outfit stunning.
    I just love your blog. Thanks for sharing!