In Honor of Black History Month

Fashion Royalty's Adele "The Muse" is the my favorite Adele to-date. Here are some new pictures of her in a recently received gown by Parawatee of Thailand.

Earrings are Adele's own. Chain necklace is from another Fashion Royalty ensemble.
A note about the gown. The construction is absolutely coutourier fabulous. The problem is that it took six weeks to get here and I had to file a Paypal claim before it was shipped. I am waiting on another gown for which I have paid. While I adore these gowns, it's not an easy transaction with this seller. Apparently their prior eBay ID was TD Fashion as a label with that name is sewn into the gowns.


  1. The Muse is gorgeous in red!

  2. I hate to even suggest it--but looking at your photos, the gown *may* have been worth the wait. It is simply amazing on your model. Beautiful!

  3. Alison...it *was* worth the wait for sure. Thank you for your comments.